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Christmas decorations: angels figures

Christmas decorations angels figures

Angeles This week and continuing with the theme of the decorations for christmas I have prepared these angels

The base is two pieces of polystyrene, a cone and a ball, which covered with rope and with some pieces of burlap and a little lace are transformed into these pretty figures.

This is how they are done:

Necessary materials:

A cone and a polystyrene ball

Pita rope

A piece of burlap



Hot silicone gun

Copper spray paint

Angeles_1 We start by drilling a hole in the ball and sticking it with silicone on the polystyrene cone. A small silicone gun must be used because if it is too large it will overheat and burn the poly span.Angeles_2

Starting at the connection between the cone and the ball, we glue the string around the cone until it is completely covered.Angeles_3 Next and also starting with the union between the two pieces, we cover the ball.
Angeles_4 We cut two pieces of burlap to form the arms and finish them off with a piece of lace, which we glue with the silico na.Angeles_5 We place and glue the two pieces that we have prepared as if they were the arms of the figure. We trim a heart on burlap and gather a piece of lace that fits around the neck. First we glue the steering wheel at the junction of the two pieces and then the heart at the rear.Angeles_6 And so our little angels would be finished.Angeles_7 Although the figures look nice with the natural appearance of the rope and burlap, I have tried to give them a hand of pi Copper-colored spray spray to give them a different look. So you can choose the finish that you like the most or try other colors: white, silver, gold …

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Until next week!

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