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Christening Ideas – Guide to decorating a christening step by step

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Explore the best Christening Ideas and become an expert to decorate this beautiful event; Today know a lot of Ideas to assemble the best Decoration for a baptism for a girl and a boy, adding all the details that this social event must bring.

Baptism is one of the most important sacraments on a religious level and even when it is worn in church and in front of a father or priest, many families choose to unite this sacrament with a beautiful party, where family and friends gather to celebrate that the boy or girl has become a son of God.

Today we bring many Christening Ideas that will give a special touch to this event; remember that after mass, parents often make the official presentation of the baby to society and right here the theme of the party or reception takes an important role … But how to decorate a christening?, discover for yourself how to do it.

christening white and blue

Christening decoration

We are baptized for a reason: Because we are reborn to divine life and we are children of God !; decorating this event is not as complicated as you would think, but on the contrary, you must define well from what point you will start, adjust a budget and of course choose a theme in terms of color and details that you will include as part of the Ideas for christening, so let’s get started and fill your mind with inspiration to give you the push you need to develop You Creativity!

How to decorate a girl’s christening

Think about the place, the date and the time, define the godparents and start looking for the best Ideas to decorate a baptism; Year after year, trends in party decoration tend to evolve and just for some years now, decorating a social event is creating magic, with elements that give it an extremely elegant and stylish touch; If you are the mother of a princess and are you looking for baptism ideas, pay close attention and start structuring your project.

pink christening ideas

When we talk about table decoration for christening girl Unquestionably we must create a tender space, with feminine details that include flowers; In addition, today the Screens that are added as part of the decoration are the details that give the most prominence to the event.

christening white and pink
christening white and pink

Decoration for baby boy christening

On the other hand and giving a much more masculine version to the decoration of baptism, it’s time to know how to assemble Ideas for christening of a child, integrating modern bases in a cylindrical shape that are committed to including modern and elegant metal furniture; the blacksmith’s partitions upholstered with natural flowers give a unique touch of elegance to the event.

golden christening

If you are looking for simpler ideas, use the base of a giant cardboard or MDF circle to develop the project; Here you must print a series of canvas with the child’s name and some decorative details to line the screen; remember not to forget the cutest touch to highlight the best version of this birthday, which includes irregular and organic balloon arches on the design, to highlight the best decoration for baby boy christening.

simple christening ideas

Assemble two elements and thus play with the decoration of a child’s christening, integrating on the arch, some details of natural flowers that will give that special touch to the design; If we talk about color, in short, a color range that includes several variations of blue will be the most chic touch to highlight the color palette; these proposals are going very well, when you want to get a Baptism Royal Blue.

For lovers of rustic style, comes a design that will serve as a reference when looking to achieve a beautiful decoration for a child’s baptism at home, using pallets as backgrounds or partitions, some wooden bases decorated with natural flower guides and on the table, a beautiful tablecloth with a unique vintage air that will give that special touch to the decoration.

Christening balloon ideas

The balloons, have been the perfect detail to decorate for many years, the most beautiful parties, in a simple, cheap and stylish way; but today, the Trends in fashion Party decoration have taken a new turn to this detail, integrating balloons on arches that completely break with a defined structure and give that special touch to the decoration; Take into account that these arches are integrated through partitions and elaborate them, it is simple, so for you to learn how to do it, I will attach a link where you will find the step step to make Modern balloon arches.

Christening balloon ideas
Christening balloon ideas
Christening balloon ideas
Christening balloon ideas
Christening balloon ideas
Christening balloon ideas
Christening balloon ideas

Cake for christening

Up to this point we have already seen, quite a few Ideas to decorate a christening with a lot of style, but let’s not forget the cake; the christening cake is usually one of the most beautiful and classic details that are included as part of the decoration, its shape and style is variable, depending entirely on the decoration and of course the color palette that you choose as part of the design.

When adding a cake with a height of two or more floors, it is not necessary to include a base on the table to make the cake stand out; Today there are many details from which you can start to create the best design in a christening cake, from those that integrate fondant on decoration, until arriving at those that include edible decorations such as pearls or guides that resemble lace that will simply give that chic touch to the cake.

If we talk about shapes, I announce that during this year, the Cylindrical cakes and with a merely minimalist touch are the favorites, including hellans on the design to give a unique visual touch to the cake, thus highlighting the best decoration for christening; But when looking for something simpler, the favorites are those that integrate cakes that seem hand-painted and placed on an elegant base, to make the design stand out over the rest of the elements that are part of the decoration of the main table.

Centerpieces for baptism

Continuing with more Christening ideas, do not forget to place on the table of the guests an ornament that gives that cute touch to your design; There are many ideas from which you can start, but you should always look for that are in tune with the type of event you are organizing, so including religious details such as crosses, angels or candles, sounds great.

Seek to be creative and define well the style you want to give to the centerpiece before starting with the ornament; use artificial or natural flowers and make a beautiful bouquet that you can mount on a cylindrical base; the base can be a metal can or a glass vase with this shape, upholstered to give it that cutest touch.

nina christening centerpiece

With the Chinese lamps, you will be able to elaborate a tender centerpiece to form part of the decoration of a christening; the idea is very simple, basically you will use natural flowers, a wicker basket, a cross with glitter and the lamp supported by wooden sticks; What do you think of the proposal?

The wooden boxes which are also super cheap can also become a good option to develop this type of decoration; the ideal is to mount sweets or flowers and add a label to give it that special touch. On the other hand, and if you want to make a cheap centerpiece for a christening, I propose to create a « Pot of candy » using a unicel basket, a lined wooden stick and on a ball of unicel, adding sweets, jelly beans, chocolates or even chocolates.

I annex more beautiful designs to develop this type of ornaments and use them as one of the best Ideas for christening; Remember that we have for you an incredible article from Centerpieces with balloons that can inspire you to create a unique design for your event.

Fashion parties

Memories for christening

Of the cutest little details to include in your event, there are the memories for baptism; How should they be ?, it is simple, at the beginning they must be easy to do since it contemplates that in general a considerable amount of these souvenirs is made, they must be original and must always have a use so that it is not an investment that ends up throwing your guests in the trash.

Buy some cute and cute keepsakes for christening in the form of rosaries, but seek to be creative and go beyond these simple rosaries, so I propose you to make some nice personalized labels and use tulle bags to keep this beautiful gift. The label may contain a nice sentence so that the detail is even more original.

If we talk about Fashionable souvenirs to give at parties, definitely the idea of ​​including succulents decorated in a cute way, it is Trend and it looks fantastic; the Syrians meanwhile, represent one of the most religious symbols and take into account that the personalized label gives a very chic touch to this type of memories.

Christening invitations

Among the most beautiful details to include as part of the organization of a christening, are the Invitations and here the most important thing is to choose a color palette that matches the decoration you have chosen for your party.to. The format can be totally informal Or, include some details to give it a nice touch such as ribbons or invitations in the shape of an angel that you can make with Opaline type paper.

baby boy christening invitation
nina christening invitations
baptism invitations
girl baptism invitation

Christening gowns

The outfit that your child will wear on his big day is very important and here are many ideas from which you can start, however, take into account that the ideal will be to use baptism clothes in light tones. This day is very important and you want everything in it to flow wonderfully, so choose a white color that represents purity and look for a design that is in tune with the weather so that the baby does not feel uncomfortable.

clothes for children
baptism robes

The Spanish style ropon It is a favorite for many moms; I love the idea of ​​adding a beret or hat that gives an extra touch of tenderness to the design and personally I recommend that you make a set with the clothes and shoes so that everything in your child’s look goes in tone.

gown for christening
ropon boy
christening gown for boy

For girls, the ideal is to choose Baptism robes in the form of Dresses with elegant fabrics and embroidery that give that special and elegant touch to the outfit that your daughter will wear for that great day; I annex three designs of clothes for girls that you can use as a base so that some dressmaker can make the beautiful dress.

christening gown for girl

Labels for boy and girl christening

Throughout our article we present you with many ideas to create the best Christening for boys and girls, however, we believe that it would be perfect to help you create the super cute details and with a personalized touch; We attach various labels for christening of boy and girl that you can download totally free and assemble on the decoration of the memories or, for the centerpieces.

baby girl baptism label set
christening tags to edit
printable christening labels
christening printables
baptism labels
baby christening labels
nina christening labels
christening printables

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