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Children’s Party: Themes, check out ideas to celebrate in style

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Or, the theme can be toys, especially those that the child likes the most. For example, if your child loves that rubber ducky from the bath, it can make for a really fun theme!

Or if she loves playing on the beach, this idea can also be used as a children’s party theme, with various elements that represent this scenario, such as buoys, waves, anchors, shells, in addition to striped colors (red, blue, white, etc.) .

In other words, don’t get stuck with more traditional themes if you want a more personalized party that looks just like your baby!

That said, here’s one more tip about decorations: choose a lighter and more delicate color palette, such as pastels, for example, which are super in fashion and will help to represent the delicacy of this delightful age.

Make the decorations more colorful and vibrant for later parties, with more striking curtains and decorations. See below for other children’s party themes!

children's party

Party for one year old, decorated in blue and white. Photo Credit: Freepik

Children’s Party Theme: Unicorn

This is one of the most delicate themes of all, which can be used for both sexes, despite being more popular as a children’s party theme.

To throw a unicorn party, use the lightest rainbow colors, with gold accents to make them stand out.

You can also invest in flower arrangements and tulle details at will, after all, this is the party that represents the cuteness, lightness and magic. No wonder this children’s party theme always impresses with its colors and charm!

To make the unicorn party’s candy table even more delicate, try making or ordering a cake with the face of a unicorn, or invest in cakes decorated with American paste in the shape of a unicorn. Cupcakes and sweets can be part of the theme too!

Finally, don’t forget to take care of the rest of the table decorated with personalized sweets, unicorn dolls and stuffed toys, all very colorful.

And if it’s a decoration with simple children’s party themes, don’t worry, because instead of super well decorated sweets, you can invest in molds and colorful plates.

Also, the idea is easy to do from home and you won’t need to make big investments.

Children’s unicorn-shaped birthday cake with decorated cupcakes around it. Photo Credit: Freepik

Children’s Party Theme: Camp in the Forest

The Forest Camp Party is perfect for anyone looking for a kids party theme that is super creative and contains beautiful decor elements.

Here elements such as animals, teddy bears, foxes and plants are essential to bring this forest air to the decor.

In addition, you can also invest in wooden furniture to decorate, leaving the environment very rustic, with a forest look!

This idea is cool, as it is a way to achieve a simple, beautiful decoration that impresses everyone for its creativity, as it is very different.

This theme is also interesting to do in outdoor environments, such as backyards, woods or gardens, to be very characteristic.

You can add custom wooden plaques too, which add a fun air to this celebration and make the party super cool!

children's party

Two children are sitting on a towel on the grass outdoors having a birthday picnic. Photo Credit: Freepik

Children’s Party Theme: Dinosaur

Have you ever noticed that children are in love with dinosaurs? The variety of species guarantee a beautiful and very different theme party!

You have the opportunity to make super complete decorations, with dinosaurs, comics and even balloons in green, orange and brown. Stay show!

We should also remember that this is one of the most requested children’s party themes, but it can also work very well for girls or even for couples of siblings, if you both like these prehistoric animals.

To make the dinosaur party even more beautiful and well decorated, how about investing in sweets imitating dinosaur eggs? Or maybe put a kind of cover on the chairs so the kids think it’s a dinosaur?

You can also use the children’s dolls to decorate the main table at the party, in addition to investing in green towels and foliage to make the decoration even more personalized!

Baby playing on Little Prince themed birthday cake. Photo Credit: Freepik

Children’s Party Theme: Little Prince

The Little Prince is also one of the most popular children’s party themes. However, it can be easily adapted as a children’s party theme for girls.

This theme is a grace, because it’s based on a story that warms the heart, isn’t it? So a party with this theme will definitely stay in people’s memories.

Decorate this decor filled with story elements such as dolls and stuffed toys, personalized candy with characters’ faces, flower arrangements and even a beautiful blue flower panel with stars or planets to impress! It will be charming.

Kids Party Theme: Mickey and Minnie

Surely one of the most loved characters by children (and even some adults!) are the classic Disney characters: Mickey and Minnie. You and your little one will fall in love!

This theme is very versatile, as it can have beautiful elements in the composition, and it works very well both as a children’s party theme for a girl and also as a children’s party theme for a boy.

Here you can choose to have a party using just one of the characters or both. But if you choose to make a Mickey party, bet on the colors that are characteristic of the character such as red, black and white.

However, everything in the right measure, ok? No exaggerating the shades of black, remember that it is one of the themes of a very lively children’s party and needs to convey that feeling in the decor.

But as the universe of Mickey and Minnie is very large and this is among the most popular children’s party themes, a nice tip is to invest in a decoration containing the other characters from Mickey and Minnie’s gang like Daisy, Donald Duck , the Goofy among others.

  children's party

Girl wearing pink tulle skirt, denim jacket and white crown. Pink background. Photo Credit: Freepik

Children’s Party Theme: Princesses

Everyone has a favorite princess, especially young children, who are enchanted by the castles and magic in the movies.

So, if you’re looking for girly children’s party themes, you can bet without fear on the princess party, one of the favorites among the little ones!

Among the most famous we can highlight the princesses Snow White, Rapunzel, Festa Moana and Frozen, but you can choose the one that your daughter likes the most to compose the children’s party in this theme.

For example, if your daughter opts for Princess Rapunzel, the decor can be filled with the colors of her dress in the movie “Tangled”, which are: lilac, purple and blue. A cute and super delicate!

Flower arrangements were also used to complement the decor and add an even more special touch to the space, leaving everything looking like an enchanted garden!

Another cool example of a children’s party theme focused on princesses is the Frozen party where the goal of the decoration is to highlight the freezing atmosphere of the film using lots of blue for all the details of the environment.

You can also use some pink shades to remember Princess Anna’s outfit! And to further personalize the party, various character dolls and decorative ornaments can make up the decorated table.

Kids Party Theme: Star Wars

This is one of the most popular children’s party themes. Star Wars was (and continues to be) successful among children and also among adults, after all, we are talking about a movie with spaceships, iconic characters and incredible intergalactic scenery. The possibilities for parties with this theme are diverse.

Oh, and don’t forget about the lightsabers, they are essential for this party to be fully decorated! It can be through the personalized sweets, as in the cake, cupcakes.

Or as party favors for children to take home. They love it and this, for sure, is a very strong theme, with children and adults fans.

In addition, you still have the possibility to make a decoration inspired by planets, with a black panel full of stars, balloons representing the infinity of planets in the movie, among many other ideas.

If you want, you can have a Star Wars birthday party inspired only by certain characters from the movie. For example, one of the most famous characters is the Darth Vader. In this case, you can choose a decoration based on black and white colors, which is super minimalist and different.

You can also place dolls, one on each side of the table, making it even more personalized and within the theme. Too much, right?

Children’s Party Theme: Safari

Note that babies start imitating animal sounds very early. They just love the pets, so the kids’ safari party theme is one of the best for your daughter’s or son’s party, and it works great as a simple kids’ party theme, but it can also be decorated. very well designed and personalized.

For the safari party, use the plants, flowers and stuffed animals so that the decoration looks like the African forests.

For example, the decoration can even have a tree to be the highlight of the table and the favorite animal of the birthday person to compose the birthday cake.

One of the most interactive children’s party themes of all is this, without a doubt!

Children’s Party Theme: Circus

When we talk about children’s party themes like the circus theme, the…

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