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Children’s party: how to do in a small space?

Childrens party how to do in a small space

THE children’s party for the child it has a weight that parents may never get even close to understanding. It ends up being a unique moment in which the little ones are together with all the people they love and who love them too and where there are different foods that everyone loves.

When we look for references from children’s party some ideas to help us create something special and different for our son’s birthday, what we see most is on Pinterest and also on Google and on countless sites out there are extremely imposing parties with impeccable decor and a space there stupendous.

As we know, a children’s party this size demands a lot of resources and we cannot always spend as much as we would like with our little or small party. Thinking just how to help parents who want a nice party for their children, but also can not spend much and also do not have much space this post came up.

Here I bring tips on how to do the children’s party that your child desires so much without having a lot of space. On the good side, when you don’t have a lot of space, you end up saving well on decoration, but it’s necessary to have a waist and planning game in order to have a nice space and a remarkable party, especially for the child.

With a little creativity you can make a children’s party in a very dry space. See below for some tips to make this possible.

Below we start with some basic or crucial tips for you to organize the party, what you need to do. Here are some tips for organizing and how to actually make the party happen.

Children’s party in small space is possible

If you live in an apartment or in a one-bedroom house, it is possible to have a party for the child, and don’t think not, on the contrary.

You see, some adjustments need to be made, but nothing that makes it impossible to hold the party in the space you have.

To start off, remove and hide from the scene all the furniture and objects that do not match the decoration chosen for the party and that do not talk to each other. The less crowded the room seems, the more space you will have and also the more your decor will attract the attention of your guests.

In a crowded space you will need a lot to effectively attract attention and this will come at a cost.

Many parents choose to hide the kitchen, but if you don’t have a lot of space showing the kitchen makes your space increase significantly. That is, do not hide the kitchen, leave the space open for your guests.

In addition to the kitchen trick that results in a good gain of space, it would be ideal if you could take some possible furniture out of the room, for example, and accommodate it in another room. They ensure more space throughout the house so that guests can move around.

Betting on an intimate party also ends up being an excellent option so that you don’t have to worry so much about space.

Now that you know these tricks to have a little more space in your environment, let’s see how to effectively organize the children’s party.

Children’s party guest list

If you don’t have a lot of space, you need to be especially concerned with your guest list, after all, no one deserves to be crowded, especially at this moment that is totally contraindicated due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

Some parents choose to make a guest list only with friends, cousins, godchildren, in short, all the children in the family, without the adults who are responsible for leaving the children and picking them up later.

It ends up being an excellent option, since if the party is also intended for adults you will have an extra cost with food and each child corresponds to one or two responsible adults.

If you don’t have a lot of space for such a full guest list, investing in an exclusive party for the kids can be a smart alternative.

Guest list with adults

If you choose to keep a guest list with adults, one tip is to free up other rooms in the house for guests to access. Usually at a party, usually only the rooms, such as the living room, kitchen and bathroom, are kept free for the guests.

As you will have other children at home, keep access to the child’s room as well. So the little ones can stay in their son or daughter’s room playing and having fun while the adults stay in the room talking, all waiting for the moment to sing congratulations.

To allow access to your child’s room, leave the room tidy and from time to time always go to see them.

Take advantage of the walls to compose your decor at the children’s party

As the space is small, everything needs to be optimized, right? Likewise, the decoration of the party plays an important role for the child. In order to prevent the decoration from disturbing the traffic of all the guests, it is not ideal to invest in items that go through the floor or that are on top of the furniture.

So, invest in decorative items that can contemplate your wall. Your wall can be an excellent adornment for your decoration and in this way you also gain space and do not disturb the traffic of the guests.

If the character or theme chosen by your son or daughter is, for example, the bottom of the sea, you can use the wall to acclimate the space and also paste animals that integrate this fantastic kingdom on the wall.

An interesting tip also ends up being using picture frames to place the characters on the walls.


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What will be the activities for the children?

As you don’t have a lot of space it ends up being fundamental to think about activities to keep the children entertained. Since there is not much space for them to run, for example.

For the little ones, the best activities are coloring games and also playful activities. Here you can use your creativity to create something for them.

The older ones can play different games, from video games to board games. In the case of board games it ends up being important to think about offering games according to the number of children you will receive.

Take the chairs away from the table

This trick of rearranging chairs may seem simple. However, it helps a lot to gain a good space near the main table where the sweets and cake are.

This table will be where you will sing the congratulations and the guests need to have good access to the venue. To do this, change the chairs. Take them from around the table and place them in the living room, near the sofa.

In addition to allowing your guests to take better seats in the room, where they will spend a good part of the party chatting, you also allow the view from the main table not to be compromised in addition to the space.

Remember, for children’s party, the main table, where the cake will go, always ends up being one of the most important points of the whole party.

Liked to know more about how to do children’s party in a small space? So be sure to follow the other articles on the blog, I have many other news for you!

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