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Children’s Party Dress – 22 models to be inspired – Part 1

blue dress - princess children's party

17Do you want to see your daughter, niece, beautiful cousin in a children’s party dress? If you’ve looked everywhere and didn’t like any outfits, I’m sure you’ll be delighted with the inspirations I’m going to show you here. I separated 22 models of children’s dress that I found incredible and brought here to fill you with ideas and to be able to leave your little girl a princess, whether for her own birthday or for a little friends party, or even for a child photo shoot. My role here is to inspire you and help you making the best choice. I’m sure that now you are already wanting to know more about all the inspirations that I set aside for you, right? So come on …

I separated three themes: Minnie’s children’s party, 70 Minnie Mouse children’s party inspirations and 50 inspirations – Festa Infantil Bailarina. I’ll start with these and if you like it and want me to give you more ideas, do part 2 of other topics, just write in the comments that we will exchange ideas, combined?

Princess party dress

This theme is very dear to the girls, I believe because of the charm with all that magic involved and several sweet, beautiful and charming princesses that appear in the drawings and films.

If you haven’t read the post that I wrote, I’ll leave it here:

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Thinking about all this magic, I have separated some ideas that you can save and take to a good seamstress to discuss ideas through these inspirations. I hope you enjoy! Ah!

They are just ideas, you can, from these models, adapt to your taste.

Tell me what was your favorite afterwards, right?

blue dress - princess children's partyblue dress – princess children’s partyblue princess partyblue princess partyprincess party

princess partypink princesspink princessprincess dressprincess dressprincessesprincesses

Minnie Dress Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I’m Minnie’s big brother, I think it’s cute. For the Minnie Children’s Party dress, just pay more attention when choosing the colors and define the theme, if it will be Minnie Vermelha or Minnie Rosa… I particularly think they are both beautiful!

Let’s check all these dresses that I brought for you to leave your cute doll to rock the party?

I’ll leave this here post that I wrote giving several ideas for Minnie’s party, I hope you like it: Minnie Mouse Party: 40 Incredible Ideas

Minnie Mouse PartyMinnie Mouse Partyminnie partyminnie partyred minniered minniepink - minniepink – minnielittle pink dresslittle pink dresspink minnie dresspink minnie dressminnie dressminnie dress

Ballerina Dress

Anyone who has been with me for a long time knows that I have a post called 50 inspirations – Festa Infantil Bailarina and there I pass several ideas for this topic. I constantly get emails of readers asking me for more inspirations, so here are more models of dresses for this theme.

ballet dancerballet dancerballerina-1ballerina-1ballerina partyballerina partypink ballerina partypink ballerina partychildren's party bailaria-children’s party bailaria-pink ballerinapink ballerina

Which dress did you like best? All these dresses are ideas for you to use as an example, I don’t sell these pieces, OK? But I am sure that if you search the Internet you will find several beautiful dresses similar to those of post, or you can ask the seamstress to make a personalized outfit for your little girl. I find it even more interesting because you will be able to do it the way you imagined.

I hope this post may have helped you and as I mentioned at the beginning, leave in the comments other themes that you want to appear in part two of post Children’s Party Dress. If you have enough requests I will continue and bring you more cute dresses to inspire you. I’ll leave here some posts that will help you in this moment of choosing the theme for girls, I hope you enjoy it a lot.

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So that’s it, I will wait for your opinion on the post in the comments, okay? One super kiss and see you next time post.


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