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Candle holders for Christmas

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Doesn’t candlelight create a special atmosphere? It is so warm and endearing that you cannot miss Christmas.

Well, with a glass jar, a piece of black cardboard and a little bit of skill with scissors, you can make a beautiful candle holder full of Christmas spirit.

You dare? Well, follow the instructions that I give you below and don’t worry about the silhouette drawing, you have two different templates to download and cut out.

christmas candle holderYou need a bottle (the one I have used is 1 kilo) and a piece of black cardboard, in which we cut out a landscape of fir trees and houses.


You can create your own landscape Or download the template that I have drawn and use it as a pattern to cut the cardboard. If you want to download my template in PDF format, you can do so by clicking here. There are two different drawings, in case you dare to make more than one candle holder.

IMG_1450 Before gluing the cardboard to the bottle, apply a little spray of snow on the top of the bottle. There is no need to stain the bottom because then we could not stick the cardboard on the dirty glass.

sailboat_christmas We paste the cardboard on the glass using or spray glue that we spray on the cut cardboard. It is the most practical glue to apply it on the silhouette without breaking any pieces.

We place a loop with a bell over the mouth of the jar, to cover the reliefs that serve to screw the lid.

sailboat_christmasAfter finishing the candle holder, I have placed it on a golden tray and I have also added some pineapples.

sailboats-christmasand with a lit candle and the lights out it looks so beautiful!

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Until next time!

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