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Birthday message to daughter:

1617589825 Birthday message to daughter

Birthday message to daughter: Every time your daughter has a birthday it is an endless joy! You are thrilled and flattered to have had the opportunity to see it grow this past year! And often the emotion is so great that words are missing to describe all these feelings!

dream of having children

Happy mother with her daughter on her lap. Photo: Freepik

Birthday message to daughter

“So much tenderness
stored, accumulated,
in joy,
in pain,
24 hours and always
to the love,
A daughter looks like this:
certainty of protection,
daughter is that friendly shoulder,
that discreet help,
that reserve of love. ”
Ivone Boechat ”

Birthday message to daughter: demonstrate the feeling

Often the emotion is so great that words are missing to describe all these feelings! Remember the beautiful moments that you lived together and choose one of the mother-to-daughter birthday messages that we set apart especially for you!

Your daughter will be thrilled and you will have a wonderful experience together, celebrating another year of life! Remember that even physically separated, this moment deserves to be remembered.

“We almost always expect our daughters to look like us, but then destiny comes and does everything the other way around. But do you know this is good? Because that way I can admire you in all your originality, without comparisons. You are very different from me and this is great, because I learn from you every day, my daughter. ”

Today you are a year older and more and more I am proud of the person you are becoming. Happy birthday, my little girl!

Birthday message for daughter: have faith

Mother telling stories to her daughter

Mother telling stories to her daughter – Photo: Freepik

“My dear, I hope your heart is radiant, you are feeling a lot of happiness, after all it is your birthday and it is not every day that we have the joy of being able to celebrate another year of life.

Know that we are all happy for your birthday, I am really pleased to know that so many people like you and wish you success.

All of this is only possible, because we have our lives involved in the love of Christ, he allows us to face difficulties with courage and faith.

It allows us to face a new dawn with hope. You know, daughter, I care a lot about you. I know the world is in complete disarray. But I have faith that our Savior will not abandon us and then we will be able to be happy by the grace of God. ”

Birthday message to daughter: first steps

birthday message to daughter

mother and daughter hairstyle – Photo: Pixabay

“The words are insignificant, because they have already been used a lot, but I need to say them, be happy, keep searching your way, with joy and enthusiasm, with love and hope, continue to be this wonderful person and skilled in dealing with everything and everyone .

I remember his first movements in my womb, his red swollen face, but only for me the most beautiful and precious thing that anyone could have. ”

Birthday message to daughter: you are special

birthday message to daughter

Mother and daughter – Photo: Freepik

“All the happiness in the world is still not close to what I want you to be… You are very special and never allow anyone to tell you otherwise, because you are a winner, you were chosen by God to be here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! »

“Since before you were born, you have been the greatest source of joy in my life. Seeing you grow up to be a determined and full-hearted woman, who runs fearlessly after your dreams, fills my heart with joy and pride. We celebrate another anniversary and, as always, I have only one wish: that you are very happy. Congratulations, my daughter! ”

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Celebrities write birthday message to daughter

birthday message to daughter

Mother and daughter playing – Photo: Freepik

To celebrate their daughters’ birthday, celebrities used social media to record beautiful clicks and leave delicate messages for them. Get inspired.

Fábio Assunção

Fábio Assunção celebrated on Instagram the daughter’s seven-year birthday, Ella. The girl is the result of her relationship with Karina Tavares. Like every drooling father, Fábio wrote a cute statement.

“The forces that love produces have always protected us. You arrived enlightened, stepping firmly on the ground. Being your father is a gift and accompanying your growth, transforming. Today you turn 7 and I’m here for you! ”

Tadeu Schmidt

Tadeu Schmidt showed that he really is an owl dad and congratulated his daughter on her 16th birthday. The presenter published a photo on Valentina’s side and wrote that passionate text:

“Vaváaaaaaa !!! Vavaziiiiinha !!! Valeeeeeeen !!! Congratulations, lindona !!! 16 years!!! My little baby can already vote !!! How cool that moment came exactly in a year when elections bring so much hope to our country … SIXTEEN Valentina, in those 16 years, you gave me countless reasons to be the most owlish father: your character, your heart, your intelligence, your beauty, your talent … but what most enchants me today is your strength !!! You have the strength to go after what you want … you have the strength to face the problems … you have the will to react to setbacks … you have the courage to face the most terrifying challenges … you have the strength that moves me! You have a strength that you may not even see the size yourself … but I do! I see and am very proud! You have a strength that I don’t have myself. And that strength will bring you all the happiness you deserve! My sweetheart!!!! Congratulations, Valentina !!! ”

Sandra Annenberg

Sandra Annenberg declared to her daughter, Elisa Paglia, in celebration of the heiress’s 16th birthday. The Globo journalist wrote an emotional text about her relationship with her daughter.

“I remember the details, such beautiful, funny, difficult moments… Like life!
I keep wishing you what I always wanted, from the first second of your life (still inside me): health (always), happiness (more), joy (a lot), laughter (from hurting my belly!), Lightness (to fly) ), fun and art! ”, he enumerated. “And yet, what is fundamental to have a peaceful life: tolerance, respect, honesty, ethics, truth! The point is not that time goes by fast … It just does! Like life… They grow up and go on… Go, my daughter, live your life intensely, treat it sweetly and, be sure, it will bloom for you! ”, Touched. “And we, your father and I, will always be around, growing our garden in which you are the main flower! I love you more than anything ”, finished the owl mother.

In addition to the desire that these « children » can build a better future for the generation that is being formed, the messages demonstrate the unconditional love of their fathers and mothers.

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