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8 DIY to give away Mother’s Day

1587300701 8 DIY to give away Mothers Day

8 diy for mother's day

Next Sunday the Mother’s Day and in all schools they have been preparing gifts for moms for days. It is a beautiful custom this make the gifts ourselves for the people we love and there is no reason to stop practicing it once the school stage is over.

If you want to surprise your mother with a handmade gift for you, here are eight DIYs with which you will surely succeed.

The first is this pretty embroidered box with cross stitch. It is an idea of ​​the blog Cosas Molonas where they explain in detail how to do it. It can also serve as a wrapper but it seems to me that it is a gift in itself.

Box decorated with a cross-stitched rose

These bookmark I have found it a fun and very original idea. You will need the collaboration of the little ones, but surely when they see the result they will love it. I found them at Nearly Crafty.


Is decorated cookie box It is one of the ideas that I have written down in my list of pending projects. I love infusions and having them all placed in a box is very practical. You can see the step by step on I24mujer.

Cookie box used to store infusions

Natural flowers are always well received and if you accompany them with some painted jars They will be so beautiful. I have found this very simple and lucid idea in The Style House.

Glass bottles painted with colored stripes

From the blog Decora recycle and imagine I have selected these paper chrysanthemums Don’t they seem spectacular? They are somewhat laborious to perform, but the result is certainly worth it.

Paper flowers

Another DIY that I’m sure I’m going to do is these mustard stars. They teach us how to do them in How did you make this and can be used in different pieces of jewelry such as pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets …


East carrycot It is so stylish from Honestly wtf and it only takes a few colored tassels to make it that pretty.


And finally I have selected one of my brooches (here you have the tutorial). It is the gift I gave my mother a couple of years ago and she still wears it enchanted on the lapel of her coat.

Zipper clasp

I hope that among these ideas you will find your perfect gift and surprise your mother next Sunday.

Until next time!

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