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60 best ideas for Paw Patrol party for your child

4 years old dog patrol

How not to be enchanted by these animation beauties Paw Patrol? If you still don’t know this topic, you will be enchanted. In short, what makes this story stand out is the 6 puppies that are simply cute and that solved problems around them. All these puppies are led by Ryder, a little boy of only 10 years old who is a love. Enough of the bullshit and let’s get to today’s topic. For this topic I decided to give 40 ideas to Paw Patrol Party so you can plan and the kids rock the party.

Table des matières

Paw Patrol Party Clothes

Anyone who has been with me here on the blog for a while knows that I love passing on ideas for personalized outfits for birthday themes, right? And for this theme I found several very cool ideas, both for girls and for boys. For the girls, we can highlight the girls Skye and Everest, as in the photo below.

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4 years old dog patrol

canine patrol

dog patrol vest

canine patrol set

canine straw blouse

blue canine patrol

dog patrol dress

Personalized cakes and cupcakes

The cake part is always the best, precisely because he is the second protagonist of the party after the birthday boy. He is the center of attention and always deserves special affection. As I mentioned in the posts 30 Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids and 33 ideas for how to make a children’s cake, we have several types of cakes. The fake cake and the real one, anyway, there are plenty of options. To help you, I have separated some beautiful ideas in case you want to use them as inspirations. I prefer the big cakes of 3, 4 and 5 floors, but I have separated some that are simple and super cute that will leave the birthday boy’s table a hit.

1 floor canine patrol party

blue cake

canine patrol cake

birthday cake - canine patrol

patrol birthday cake

dog patrol square cake

dog patrol

Paw Patrol Party Decorations

In the decoration part of Paw Patrol you can already expect many things from puppies, such as: bones, paw prints, etc. The colors, you can determine for yourself. In general, the colors blue, red and white are the most sought after, but you don’t need to stick to those tones, you can try other combinations that your child prefers. Just remember to make everything very harmonious. Then tell me if you liked the inspirations that I separated.

Four years


children Party decoration

dog patrol decoration

colorful themed table

decorated table - canine patrol

dog patrol table

dog patrol - party

canine patrol party

canine patrol

canine patrol party

patrol theme

Dog Patrol activity table

This space is not mandatory, I always bring in all the themes because I find it very cool and fun for the kids. It is a corner where you gather some activities for children to interact with each other. In the example of this theme Paw Patrol Party, you can separate some sheets for the children to color, deliver some masks of the characters for them to use during the party, some games that are not tiring. But if you don’t have space for this corner, go ahead, let’s think about that corner, maybe next year? What matters is your child having fun with the friends who came to sing the congratulations!

Just kidding

dog patrol mask

canine patrol party activity table

activity table


The souvenirs with treats are my favorites. They are practical, economical and children love them. For those who want to save money, personalized bags with treats are a good choice, but if you want to invest a little more, in the party goods market you can find boxes, sophisticated glasses, like some that I separated in the images below. I found the souvenir that has a bowl filled with sweets very creative, I found it original and the face of the theme. And you, what you think?

Cupcake Patrol - Canine Patrol Birthday

dog patrol

canine patrol

patrol souvenir

birthday party



canine patrol

little bag - personalized

souvenir bag

So, mom, I want to know your opinion now! Which one did you like the most? Custom clothing Paw Patrol Party, Custom cakes and cupcakes, Home Decor Paw Patrol Party, Patrulha Canina activity table, or souvenirs? If you wanted to do this topic, tell me in the comments? Oh, and if you remembered someone who would love to read this post, just send the link. It helps me a lot to keep writing on the blog. The more people who access it, the more they motivate me to write and touch the hearts of other moms as special as you. I selected some posts that will suddenly help you on this party journey.

I hope I helped you with this tip.

A super kiss and until the next post.


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