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30 felt crafts for sale in 2022

felt crafts

felt crafts

The year 2022 is starting well, and there are still many people on a tight budget due to the holiday season. So, it’s time to earn some extra income making crafts, and putting these felt craft ideas into practice to sell.

felt crafts

Felt is a great material and super easy to work with, and you can easily create beautiful pieces that can be used to decorate the house, make felt animals and toys for children, or even accessories with felt, such as necklaces, bracelets and little bows of hair.

felt crafts

We selected 30 felt crafts to produce, unleash your creativity and sell in 2022, and further divide them into 3 categories. Let’s check it out?

30 felt crafts to earn money in 2022

Come on? No doubt you’ll love it, because here we’ve gathered several models of felt crafts including molds for you to print and reproduce.

1. Needle-holder felt animal

This very cool alligator that you can transform into a very useful needle holder too. On the link you can also find the felt molds of this easy and super cool craft. Also, this craft can be customized to turn into a beautiful coin purse.

Click here to see this beautiful felt alligator

2. Elephant with felt molds

Look how cute this felt elephant is, it can decorate the little ones’ room and still be a great toy.

See how to make this cute little elephant in felt.

3. Felt bunny step by step

This idea is great, both for children to have fun, as it is also a beautiful craft for Easter.

See how to make felt puppets

4. Felt bird

With this simple felt craft you can make beautiful birds and hang them wherever you want, even sell them as a keyring.

felt bird

5. Turtle with felt molds

Using the molds of this fabric turtle, you can also make a beautiful felt animal that serves as a door weight and go around selling it to friends. I’m sure they will love it!

felt turtle

6. Elephant in fabric with felt mold

Another felt elephant mold to unleash creativity, make beautiful creations, and earn easy money.

felt pets

7. Felt crafts – jelly bean bag

You can transform these little animals into beautiful jelly bean bags using felt and jute, and make a beautiful party decoration and also generate extra income.

⟶ Jujube sachets with jute and felt

8. Craft of owls with a mold

Transform owl patterns into beautiful felt crafts. Check out the link.

Step by step felt boards

Felt decoration

9. Baby room felt mobile

With this baby room mobile walkthrough, the environment will be simply cute. Surely this felt craft is a great option to earn money.

⟶ Felt owl mobile

10. Felt decoration with sticks

In this craft, you’ll reuse sticks and even those pieces of felt that you don’t know what to do. You can use it in vases and it’s a charm.

Felt and stick decoration

11. Artificial plant with balls

One more idea to put in the pot. Do this step by step with felt or a super simple.

How to make felt balls

12. Pot rest – Felt crafts

Check out this decorating tip for your kitchen using felt.

How to make kitchen support with felt

13. Colored wreath with felt

This colorful wreath will simply look beautiful in your home. How about making this craft easy and simple?

Beautiful wreath in felt

14. Felt decoration baskets

This felt basket will look cute in the garden, and it’s a good craft tip to complement a flower vase, for example.

15. Pencil tip in felt

For those who are thinking of customizing pencils and school supplies, you can sell pencils with felt tips and make them very original.

Felt flower arrangement

16. Felt cup rest

To give your mom a gift, or sell to generate some extra income, make a felted coaster set to add a little charm to the decor.

Felt gift for Mother’s Day

17. Felt heart with mold

This heart is a great gift for Mother’s Day, or even Valentine’s, or just that special gift. It is an excellent decorative piece and easy to make, and it comes with a step-by-step mold.

Felt heart for Mother’s Day

18. Felt rose

Spicing up your decor, follow this step by step how to make a felt rose.

How to Make Felt Flower Ornaments

19. Felt Santa Claus ornaments

The special tip is these felt crafts for the Christmas season, which will look beautiful on your tree.

How to Make Felt Ornament for Christmas

20. Felt Christmas Ornaments

With felt molds, look how cute this other craft for Christmas. You already have these tips saved for when the holiday season arrives.

How to make a felt Christmas tree

Felt accessories

Many accessories to make the look more beautiful, headbands, felt necklaces, for children and adults. Check out these tips.

21. Children’s felt accessory

A beautiful felt bracelet to please children. You can see how simple it is, see our step-by-step guide.

Felt children’s accessories

22. Felt brooch

A lot of delicacy and charm in this beautiful felt brooch. Get inspired to make cute pieces!

felt brooch

23. Felt flower for tiara

Enjoy the revelry season and learn how to make felt flowers for a carnival tiara.

How to make felt flower

24. Felt ball necklace

To complete the carnival look, take the hint and make this beautiful felt ball necklace step by step to sell.

How to make felt polka dot necklace

25. Maxi Felt Crafts Paste

Women love a maxi necklace, especially this super simple to make.

Maxi necklace with felt base

26. Maxi colored necklace

Another colorful maxi necklace step by step for you!

How to make maxi paste with felt

27. Necklace with pendant

Using this step by step, make a beautiful pendant out of fabric or felt.

How to make pendant necklace with felt

28. Children’s diadem with felt

Easy felt children’s diadem crafts.

How to make diadem step by step

29. Fastener decorated with feathers and felt

How to make a hair clip with feathers

30. Tiara with felt flower

Finally, this tiara mime with felt flower. Follow this craft step by step.

Tiara with felt step by step

Did you like these tips? Now just get your hands dirty and start producing!

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