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16 Christmas decorations with rope

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If you like Christmas decorations with a rustic finish, you are going to love these sixteen Christmas decorations that you can make with rope. You can create a multitude of Christmas decorations using rustic rope or thread and making our own decorations is a less consumerist way to enjoy Christmas.

Christmas decorations with rope to place on the door

It is traditional at Christmas to place a wreath on the front door of the house. I love the contrast between the rustic look of the rope and the sparkling details of this crown that I found at Cathie Filian.

Another idea to decorate the door of the house is to place a big star. You can find the tutorial to make it at Lowes.

And combining the ideas of the crown and the star, this proposal by Mary Galou

Christmas decorations with rope to hang on the tree

We started with a very simple but very successful idea: it involves wrapping molds to cut cookies. It is an idea of ​​Adventures of a diy mom and you see how beautiful they are.

Any shape cut out of cardboard and lined with rope can be great to hang on our Christmas fir. We can cut the initials of the family members, as proposed in Becoming Martha

or line little crowns like these from Love create celebrate

Candy canes are also one of the most classic Christmas motifs and the « rustic » version with rope could not be missing. It’s a Sweet miss Daisy idea

For the following decoration, some polyester balls have been used as a base, which once covered with rope have been decorated with ribbons and burlap. You can find the detailed tutorial on the blog at the following link: Christmas tree balls

These little angels with rope and burlap will also have a base made of polyester that will be beautiful hanging on the fir tree.

And to finish with the Christmas decorations with rope to hang on the tree, a star, which in addition to hanging from the branches, you can also use to crown the fir. You will find the tutorial on Paperblog

Christmas decorations with rope: table trees

If the space you want to decorate is not very large, you can choose to place a small desktop Christmas tree. On the basic idea of ​​covering a rope cone, you can choose different finishes:

Very simple and with a certain marine flavor, these little trees that I have found on Etsy

With some small balls and ribbons you can give it a Christmassy finish. It’s an idea from The thrifty crafter

They are also beautiful if you mount them on a small pot, as if they were topiaries. Look how beautiful these three little trees are that they have made in A country whisper

Christmas decorations with rope: figures

Using different pieces of polystyrene and cardboard covered with string and with some details of burlap, lace and ribbons, it is easy to make figures.

On the blog you will find a detailed tutorial to learn how to make this rope and burlap hatch.

These angels are made with the same technique and you also have the step-by-step tutorial to learn how they are made.

Angels on rope and burlap

Christmas angels

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Until next time!

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