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15 printable garlands for Halloween that you can download for free

1585207312 15 printable garlands for Halloween that you can download for


Cats, bats, spiders, pumpkins, skulls and ghosts can not miss Halloween. Choose the model that you like the most and assemble one wreath to decorate your Halloween party in five minutes…

To download the printable files follow the links below each of the images.

You can print the garlands for Halloween on paper, although they will be more resistant if you use cardboard. Have good scissors, tape or string and glue stick ready to mount.

The first two garlands for Halloween They are from Papelísimo, which has chosen spiders and bats as the theme of their garlands. In addition to the images that I show you, which are black, you can download the drawings without coloring, so that they are the children who paint them to their liking, there will surely be some precious bugs!


Halloween garland of spiders


Bat wreath for Halloween

In Laücreativa’s blog they are clear that a party is not a good party without a garland and they have designed these banners with little ghost and spider web included. 6

Halloween garland with ghost and spider web

The next garland is from Papel Crave. It is made up of silhouettes of pumpkins, owls, bats and skulls.


Halloween silhouettes garland

The Celebration shoppe garland is made up of banners with different patterns in black and orange colors. The bats’ silhouettes are printed separately and glued onto the garland once assembled. The result is great!


Halloween garland of banners

The following three models are Devilish Manzanita. You can choose your favorite color from orange, red or black, or mix all the colors in the same garland. guirlanda-halloween-_manzanitadiabolica_wordpress_tres-colores_1

Garland with orange pennants for Halloween



Garland with red or black pennants for Halloween

With the pennants they designed at The Cottage Market, you can put together a garland with the message you want.


Lettering garland for Halloween

Ghosts, cats or pumpkins are part of the most typical images of the Halloween party and are the reasons that Tatertots and jello have chosen for their cute garlands. free-fall-garlands-from-kiki-and-company-cute-1024x682


Garland with ghosts, cats or pumpkins for Halloween

The following garland is from La Feliz Idea and also gives us the option to download the drawings without colors, for the little ones in the house to paint.

photo-9-12-14-23-02-40Halloween circles garland

Again ghosts, bats and pumpkins are the protagonists of this garland that I have found in Valupi.


Halloween ghost bats and pumpkins garland

If you are tired of the typical Halloween colors, you will love this Euroresident mint green garland. Also on the same page you can download a complete kit in this color to decorate your party. no title

Mint Green Halloween Garland

And if you want to place the garland across the room and make it look pretty on both sides, download these banners that are mounted by folding them in half and are patterned on both sides.


Reversible pennant garland for Halloween

I’m sure that among these fifteen models you have found your favorite garland, but if you want to see more ideas to decorate on Halloween, don’t miss these silhouettes for the window or these terrifying sailboats.

And as always you can find more inspiration on my Pinterest board dedicated to Halloween.

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Until next time!

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