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12 printable advent calendars

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Advent calendars to printThe Christmas they are a time from which children enjoy especially: there is no school, there are parties and family gatherings, gifts are distributed and the streets are filled with lights and decorations, impossible to resist its charm!

With a Advent Calendar You can start the countdown from December 1st and find out how many days are left before the arrival of Christmas. There are many ways to do a Advent Calendar (on my board Pinterest You will find more than 100 different calendars) and one of the simplest ideas is to use designs that can be printed. Here you have twelve different calendars that you can use, you just have to choose the one that you like the most and follow the link to the page where download patterns.

The first is from Swoom and is shaped like houses. There are three patterns with three different house sizes. Beautiful to place on a shelf or over the fireplace (if you are lucky enough to have one)

Advent calendar with paper houses At Mr Printables I found this idea with strips of rolled paper. Small gifts are not kept here like in other advent calendars, but activities to do during the day: today we will make cupcakes with mom, today we will go to the park with dad …


The Non dairy diary proposal consists of three adorable little houses. Behind the doors and windows that we open every day a beautiful drawing awaits us.

Advent calendar of little houses with windows

From Zü are these pyramids that we can assemble in the form of a garland and fill with sweets or small gifts.


Also to hang are the Raumdinge boxes that are shaped like little houses and are illustrated with Christmas motifs in red.

Advent calendar with hanging houses

Minieco’s advent calendar is arguably the most colorful of all: reds, yellows, blues, and geometric patterns on these striking pyramids.

Advent calendar with colored pyramids

Using the cardboard tubes of the toilet paper, they made these cute gnomes at Pysselbolaget.

dwarfs advent calendar

In the shape of cones and forming a garland is the idea proposed by Carina Gadner

advent calendar cones

And with Willowday we find pyramids again, although in this case they are all in different colors of green, to simulate a fir forest.


In the form of cubes that make up a puzzle is the Powerful Mothering calendar, children will have a great time assembling the calendar in the shape of a Christmas fir tree! advent calendar puzzle
In Immaculate Advent and Christmas they have drawn this beautiful mandala. The activity of each day will be to color each box until reaching day 24.

MandalaCalendarAdvent #And to finish more cones. They are from Raumdinge and are mounted on a wooden slat on which the white cardboard silhouette of a forest in winter is placed.


I wish that among all these advent calendars you find your favorite and enjoy with the little ones of the house waiting for Christmas.

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Until next time!

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