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12 ideas to make small Christmas trees

1586463277 12 ideas to make small Christmas trees

Small christmas trees

Today I bring you 12 ideas to do small decorative christmas treesfit for small spaces and small budgets.

Almost all of them are mounted on a piece of polystyrene that can be bought in craft stores, but they can also be made on a cardboard cone (if you do not know how to make a cardboard cone, you can print a template in ideogram).

Once you have the base it is a matter of decorating it with paper, knickknacks, wood, wool, jute … or whatever you can think of, because this is an idea that supports almost any material.

You already have the inspiration, now all you have to do is contribute your creativity to make yourself a small, unique and original Christmas tree.

To consult the original pages and the step by step of each Christmas tree, click on the following links:

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6 / Christmas 7 / Momtastic 8 / Alderberry hill 9 / A creative momma 10 / I love to create

11 / Mad in crafts 12 / A world of crafts

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Until next time!

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