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12 fun gift wrapping ideas for kids

1585729809 12 fun gift wrapping ideas for kids

wrapping gifts for childrenMaybe Santa Claus will come to your house or it may be the Three Kings, in any case they will surely come laden with gifts for the little ones. You can help them out by helping with the wrappers and preparing some beautiful packages to surprise the children.

Here I leave you 12 fun gift wrapping ideas for kids that can serve as inspiration.

Look at that beautiful Christmas print. With the gifts wrapped in craft paper and drawing doors and windows, it is easy to recreate a small town. Fir trees and snow finish the set.

wrapping gifts for childrenGrowing spaces

A road drawn on the wrapping paper and a few small cars and it will not be necessary to open the package to start playing, the fun is guaranteed from minute one.

Gift wrapping for children cars


For the princesses of the house, a nice crown made with a roll of toilet paper and a few pieces of washi tape … and don’t forget to add a little magic wand, you will surely love it!

wrap gifts for kids crown


Drawing faces on the wrapping paper is a very fun and easy proposal.

Gift wrapping for kids face

Pepa’s workshop

Kids crazy about cars and trucks will love this Mr. Printables presentation. By following the link below the photo you can access the page and download the printables with all the packaging symbols that appear in the photo.

wrapping children's gifts

Mr printables

The reindeer of Santa Claus cannot be missed on any Christmas and with colored cardboard you can make these two so funny.

wrapping children's gifts

Very cool

The wraps that recreate animals are my favorites and this one that simulates being an elephant using a balloon has seemed very original to me.

Wrapping Elephant Children's Gifts


And here we have a lot of animals to choose from: we can wrap our gifts in the shape of a koala, elephant, mouse, tiger, fox, whale …

Wrapping Animal Children's Gifts

Very cool

We continue to imitate animals with these two little chickens

Wrapping baby gifts for chickens


And more animals to decorate these envelopes, in this case we have a rabbit, an owl, a bear and a raccoon.

Wrapping children's gifts

The owls adventure

But we do not have to limit ourselves to the animals of the earth. Surely children love to meet some Martian animal!

Wrapping children's gifts

Housing a forest

And we finish with this snowman that we can form by stacking various packages and placing a hat and a scarf.d48700f49d79


I hope that these proposals serve as inspiration and as always when I collect ideas from the network, under each photo I have left the link to the original pages where I found them.

Merry Christmas!

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