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11 indoor plants with low light

11 indoor plants with low light

See now a special list we have prepared with 11 indoor plants! No doubt you will love it.

Most people live in large houses or apartments with shaded areas. That is, areas that do not have direct lighting through windows, balconies or the like. This characteristic of housing has proved to be more present in urban environments.

Since in these places we have a lot of people and little space, which ends up generating glued houses, buildings, walls and other constructions that can generate shadows on each other.

This frustrates a lot who wants to have a little plant or another and ends up giving up due to the lack of sun, because plants with flowers, herbs and even the famous succulent need constant sun.

But it’s not supposed to be like that, because we have a lot of plants that look great indoors. In this post we will see 11 of them and talk a little about each one.

At the end of the post you will already have a list of plants to plant in the shade and you will be able to run in the seedbed. Here we go?

Indoor plants with low light

Generally, indoor plants have one thing in common, the fact that they have a tropical origin. Since in this environment the forests are dense and tall, leaving little light available for plants that don’t grow as tall as trees.

That’s why these plants are naturally selected to survive in low light and high humidity. See now the list that we have prepared with great care for you.

1. Dracena

It is a plant that needs a lot of moisture and doesn’t need a lot of light. It’s usually quite green all the time. Although it likes humidity, it behaves better outdoors.

bromeliad indoor plants

This plant comes from Africa and has as popular names pau-d’água and coconut palm.

However, it is possible to plant it indoors. In dry climates it is necessary to water it frequently, as it is a tropical plant.

2. Peace lily

bromeliad indoor plants

The Peace Lily cannot withstand direct sunlight, which can damage its leaves. For those who like flowers, it is a great opportunity to have flowers indoors. Although he likes a lot of water, he does best in drained soil.

If you are looking for indoor plants, this is certainly a great option to put on a table, sideboard or even on the ground.

3. Palm trees

This one is already well known to most people. It doesn’t require a lot of water and is easily found in markets and seedbeds. Besides, it’s very pretty. Like the peace lily, it needs water but it must not have its soil soaked. It is a great specimen to be planted in kokedamas, for example.

They can also be planted in lighted places without any problems.

4. Sword of Saint George

This one is also well known. But there are still first-timers who don’t know it. Well, it is the famous sword of Saint George. It does well in dark environments, but does not tolerate cold weather.

bromeliad indoor plants

As it is a succulent plant, it thrives in dry weather.

5. Maranta

It is also known as the peacock plant, has colorful leaves and is super simple to care for. It does best in warm climates and has numerous varieties. It also has a different name for each region.

bromeliad indoor plants

6. Bromeliads

Also a special plant for those who like flowers. Bromeliads do well in bathrooms or more humid parts of the house. However, it is important to remember that they accumulate water in their crumb. This water can become a reservoir for dengue mosquitoes.

bromeliad indoor plants

7. Phyllodren

bromeliad indoor plants

Phyllodrente helps to oxygenate the house and purify the air. however it needs a lot of space to become lush naturally. Like the others, it is a plant with a tropical climate and needs a little more water.

8. Watermelon Peperomia

Peperomia is a beautiful plant and is called watermelon because it has stripes similar to those of watermelon on its leaves. It needs a lot of moisture in the air and almost no sun.

watermelon peperomy

This plant is wonderful and excellent to grow either suspended or in pots in the ground.

9. Zamioculcas

The famous zamioculcas or zz are an excellent option. They are so perfect and shiny that they look like plastic. We’ve even posted about them here. They are known to bring good luck and financial health.

10. Spider plant

The spider plant is really beautiful and fits in small pots. It is so adapted to indoor environments that it burns when exposed to the sun.

Plant this variety together with others that it does very well in addition to being very beautiful.

11. Lucky bamboo

lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is just beautiful and looks good indoors and warm. It looks like a bamboo bonsia and can be easily found on the internet and specialty stores. With their malleable stalks it is possible to make a lot of art with them.

Did you like this indoor plant tip? So don’t forget to comment and share with friends and friends. Surely they’ll do it too!

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