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RAFFLE AT TAFFEIT JEWELERY – Parties and Birthdays


When we talk about giving a jewel, we tend to think of the women closest to us, like our mother, sisters, friends … and we forget that the little ones in the house also wear their precious jewels every day. For example, the silver baby slave.

In Taffeit Jewelry they know this well, because they have more than 20 years of experience in the sector, advising us and offering us the best quality in their products. What makes them a trusted online jewelry store, which is precisely what we need when we want to buy something as important as jewelry.


In addition, in Taffeit we can find a great variety of products for the little kings of our houses and of course, to give to those little princes who are the nephews and children of your friends. Because stopping to think, making a gift is a simple task, but it gets complicated when what we are looking for is something that it does not already have, that is different and that is original. And it becomes an almost impossible task when we also try to get the gift right. If this is your case, do not despair! In Taffeit Jewelry you can find different products for all ages that will make you fall in love.

For newborns they have silver pacifier holders to match their boxes, decorated with cute silver drawings, thermometer cases, safety pins, children’s frames and precious photo albums so that they can physically preserve the most important moments from the first day. of the little ones.

As the needs of the boys and girls grow and increase, we can choose between cutlery sets, musical carousels and of course, the precious silver slaves, among which we personally would highlight the ones with the little bear or butterfly drawing, for their originality , simplicity and showiness.


Once our girls and boys grow up, they begin to be selective and to have their preferences about the jewelry they wear. Therefore, the variety that Taffeit offers us in terms of watches, earrings and bracelets for children and young people is ideal. Since you will undoubtedly find exactly what you are looking for so that your gift becomes a special and meaningful memory.

It is also true that despite having a lot of articles, as consumers that we are, we always have doubts as to whether the product will be the right one, if it will like it, if it is what we are looking for … And we even have questions about to the materials of the product, its dimensions, its quality… But if this Jewelry is characterized by something, it is by the friendly and personalized treatment of its customers.


If you have any questions, you can get in touch with them through their phone number, by email or through social networks of instagram or facebook. But what gives you greater peace of mind when dealing with an online jewelry store, is that they are pending from the first moment in which you have doubts, until after your purchase is made. Doing a personalized follow-up from before you make the payment process, advising you and helping you in case you need it; being aware of the order at all times during its preparation, taking care of it with care and providing the warmth provided by the small details that make them, even in the distance, come closer to you; during the shipping process, being in direct contact with the transport company; and once received at home to resolve any incident that may arise.

On the other hand, they have products with a great variety of prices and often offer discount codes on their same page. In addition to having a system of cumulative points for each purchase, which are immediately transformed into available balance for future purchases.

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Of course, Taffeit Jewelry has been a great discovery for us, because it is the most trusted jewelry, but in an online store.

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