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Original ideas to decorate Cupcakes. Butterfly Cupcakes.

Original ideas to decorate Cupcakes Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes

With the summer months everything blooms and butterflies start to flutter everywhere. Our little ones love their wings, colorful and striking. Let’s get inspired by the Nature for a new and original idea to decorate our Cupcakes.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our animal parties, and in this case, to develop a Butterfly party full of light, color and flowers.

Ingredients and materials to decorate our Cupcakes with butterflies

  • 2 cups of dark chocolate wafers to melt
  • 2 cups of orange chocolate wafers to melt
  • Templates for drawing wings and antennae
  • Frosting covered cupcakes

How to decorate our Cupcakes with butterflies

How we like crafts with animals! Also, all these original ideas and crafts with food They are perfect for cooking with our little ones.

We have looked for some designs, because when it comes to butterfly wings we have infinite possibilities of combining shapes and colors. We can make a simple design or play with all the creative options we want.

Butterfly Cupcakes.  Ideas designs templates.

In addition to serving as good ideas to design our templates, these cardboard crafts can also be used to make some cupcake tops magnificent if we add a toothpick.

Butterfly Cupcakes.  Butterfly Designs Templates

Once we have our templates drawn, and we have melted our wafers, so that we have, on one side, a bowl of melted dark chocolate and another bowl of melted orange chocolate, we are going to draw our butterflies using a pastry bag.

Preparation butterfly wings Cupcake

To make the antennae of our butterfly, we just have to put the template with the drawing of the antenna on our work surface, and stick wax paper on top.

We put part of the melted dark chocolate in a pastry bag and, following our template, as a guide, we cover the parts of our design until we complete the drawing.

Make the number of antennas you want (we recommend doing some more in case one breaks, since they are very fragile).

Draw Wings Chocolate Butterfly Cupcake

Next, we do the same but with our butterfly wings template. In this case, we will also add the orange melted chocolate to the inside of our wing. You can use a toothpick to mix the colors and get original drawings on the edges of the wings.

This is the kids’ favorite part, so let them improvise pretty pictures on the wings of the chocolate butterflies.

Draw Butterfly Cupcake wings

Once drawn, we put them on the surface of the Cupcake, so that they are at a certain angle of inclination. Now we only have to make the body of the butterfly with a couple of chocolate dots and put the antennae on it.

Butterfly Cupcake Detail

Fill it all with flowers and butterfly Cupcakes for your next summer party or for a party of colors, You can decorate everything with floral motifs, crafts full of nature and butterfly costumes.

The monitor flies in through the window.

Let’s welcome you!

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