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Classic recipes, American pastry – Parties and Birthday

Classic recipes American pastry Parties and Birthday

In this online course Betina Montagne will teach you the classics of the cake shop american that are never lacking in American families.

Recipes, techniques, “tips”, flavor combinations, forms associated with each preparation, cooking and storage temperatures, avant-garde decorations and all the secrets that nobody talks about.

We will apply modern kneading and filling techniques. We will show different assemblies and avant-garde decorations of the desserts made by all American families.

We will also see the importance of new technologies and the use of cold as a « friend » of many of the preparations in American pastry.

We will see how mechanical or manual kneading influences the dough, the flavors associated with this type of pastry, its shape and typical molds.


In this course you will learn the main and basic theory of American pastry.

As well as one or two elaborations of the great categories of American cakes

Typologies and main characteristics of the major categories of ingredients: flours, dairy products, eggs, leavening agents, fats and flavorings. You will discover what ingredients or characteristics of this pastry make it special and particular. Betina will make sure that the basic rules of this bakery are very clear and thus always obtain good results.
On the other hand, you will learn to prepare the most relevant recipes cataloged by the main American pastry families.

Layer Cakes: layered cakes
Loaf Cakes: sliced ​​cakes
Pie & tarts: Open or closed tarts or tarts
Brownies & Bars
cookies: The typical American cookies

American recipe cake

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