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⭐ Looking for perfect designs for kids to color and have fun? Here in this post you will find the BEST cute coloring pages! ⭐

post cover Cute Drawings for Coloring
Image 1: Post Cover Cute Drawings for Coloring


  • Cute drawings for coloring and printing
    • ❤ Cute animal coloring pages
    • ❤ Cute food coloring pages
    • ❤ Cute character designs
      • Hamtaro
      • Hello Kitty
      • Winnie-the-Pooh
      • Pusheen Cat

Cute drawings for coloring and printing

Below you will find the collection of cute drawings to color and print for free! To do this is very easy:

  1. Right-click on the chosen image
  2. Select « Save Image As…
  3. Choose the destination location and click “To save
  4. Locate the image on your computer and right-click on it
  5. Select the option “Print
  6. Make adjustments according to your printer
  7. Ready! Just print and you’re ready to color!

Tip: As the drawings are in black and white, select the option to black and white draft when changing print settings. This will make the printer use less ink and still have enough quality to color!

Cute animal coloring pages

Print the drawings below with the children’s favorite animals! There are pets for all tastes! 🙂

cute coloring pages (mouse with cheese)
Image 2: Mouse with cheese coloring

cute penguins to color
Image 3: Cute penguins coloring page

lion to print and color
Image 4: Lion to print and color

cute coloring pages (kitten with milk)
Image 5: Kitten drawing with milk

octopus to color
Image 6: Octopus to color

cute unicorn drawing
Image 7: cute unicorn drawing

penguin with scarf
Figure 8: penguin with scarf

cute coloring pages (turtle)
Image 9: Cute turtle drawing

kittens to color
Image 10: kittens to color

giraffe drawing
Image 11: giraffe drawing

unicorn cat coloring
Image 12: unicorn cat coloring page

cute koala drawing
Image 13: cute koala design

doggie drawing for coloring
Image 14: Puppies coloring page

cute horse coloring pages
Image 15: cute horse coloring page

cute penguins drawing
Image 16: Cute penguins drawing

cute animal coloring pages
Image 17: Whale to print and color

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cute puppy to print
Image 18: Cute puppy to print

bunny eating ramen
Image 19: bunny eating ramen

Cute food coloring pages

Food drawings can also be super cute! Check out the funniest food designs below!

cute sweets to color
Image 20: Cute sweets to color

cute food coloring pages
Image 21: Watermelon coloring page

peanut and strawberry coloring
Image 22: Peanuts and strawberry coloring

cute cake design
Image 23: cute cake design

cute popcorn coloring pages
Image 24: Popcorn for printing and coloring

soda to print and color
Image 25: Soda for printing and coloring

potato chips pizza and soda
Image 26: French fries, pizza and soda design


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fluffy strawberry cupcake
Image 27: fluffy strawberry cupcake

cute character designs

We selected some characters that are very dear to children, with cute pictures to color!


Hamtaro is an old cartoon that used to be on Globo. There’s no one who doesn’t fall in love with these cute characters!

cute coloring pages (Hamtaro class)
Image 28: Hamtaro’s Gang coloring page

Hamtaro coloring page
Image 29: Hamtaro coloring page

Hamtaro Fofuxo e Bijou
Image 30: Hamtaro, Fofuxo e Bijou

Pashmina and Penelope to color
Image 31: Pashmina and Penelope coloring page

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bijou to color
Image 32: bijou to color

cute Hamtaro coloring pages
Image 33: Hamtaro drawing for printing and coloring

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty can be considered the most famous kitten in the world. And no wonder, since your drawings are super cute!

Hello Kitty on the plane coloring page
Image 34: Hello Kitty on the plane coloring page

hello kitty on the playground
Image 35: hello kitty on the playground

Hello Kitty brincando na name
Image 36: Hello Kitty brincando na name

hello kitty on the farm
Image 37: hello kitty on the farm

Cute Hello Kitty coloring pages
Image 38: Hello Kitty no unicórnio

Hello Kitty to print and color
Image 39: Hello Kitty to print and color


Winnie the Pooh and his gang are very successful with children and even adults. Check out the cute drawings we’ve put together for you!

cute Pooh and Piglet coloring pages
Image 40: Pooh and Piglet coloring page

Tigrain for printing and coloring
Image 41: Tigger for printing and coloring

Piglet in Easter egg design
Image 42: Piglet design in Easter egg

Pooh bear coloring page
Image 43: Pooh bear coloring page

Pooh's gang portrait to color
Image 44: Pooh’s gang portrait to color

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Pusheen Cat

Pusheen is a famous cat on social media, with comics and stickers to share. Very cute!

Pusheen in the kitchen coloring
Image 45: Pusheen in the kitchen coloring

pusheen birthday drawing
Image 46: Pusheen birthday drawing

Pusheen coloring page
Image 47: Pusheen coloring page

pusheen drawing
Image 48: Pusheen drawing

Pusheen with flowers for coloring
Image 49: Pusheen with flowers for coloring

pusheen cooking
Image 50: pusheen cooking

cute Pusheen coloring pages
Image 51: Pusheen to print and color

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