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+43 COLORFUL DUCK drawings – Print 100% free!

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Coloring pictures of duck can be part of activities for children, combining the development of artistic skills and working on letters and words, such as the proposal to explore the word “duck” with children who are in the literacy phase.

And if you have been looking for activities to entertain children and also to develop knowledge, we have gathered duck drawings to print and color, so you can choose the activities for the children to develop.

Duck coloring pages to color and print for free

Duck drawings in the pond

Among the different types of duck drawings to color, some of the options are the drawings of the animal in the pond, exploring one of the duck’s skills, which is swimming.

Duck drawings in the pond can be part of painting activities, and can also assist in teaching by exploring new words and helping children’s development and communication when presenting new words.

duck on the river coloring page
The activity brings a couple to the pond
simple duck drawing on the lake to print and paint
Ducklings follow the adult while swimming
ducks swimming coloring page
The drawing joins adult animals and puppies swimming together
duck drawing in the pond to print for free
The activity brings a bigger duck with other ducklings in the pond
duck swimming coloring page
The duckling swimming is simple to paint
drawing of ducks in the pond to print
The activity brings a drawing with several details to paint

drawing of paw in the pond

duckling cartoon in the pond
The cute drawing is of a duckling swimming

ducks in the pond coloring pages

Donald Duck Drawings

For children who love the universe of Disney and look for coloring pages inspired by this universe, one of the proposals is to color Donald Duck.

This Disney character represented by a duck was created in 1934 and was and still is a success among several generations and ages, with the characteristic of being a bit grumpy, but very fun.

Donald duck to print and paint
The activity brings one of the Disney characters to paint
Donald Duck painting activity
The activity of painting is fun and explores various skills
Donald Duck Christmas coloring page
The activity is an inspiration for the Christmas period
Donald Duck coloring activity
In the drawing, the character is eating

drawing of Donald Duck studying

Donald Duck coloring page
The activity brings the character playing a musical instrument
Donald duck drawing to paint
The drawing brings the character walking

Donald Duck coloring pages

Duck with chicks coloring book

Among the different styles of drawings to paint, one of the possibilities is the activities that unite ducklings to the drawing.

In addition to bringing cute drawings with the puppies, the painting activity can also explore the arrival of a new member in the family, like a little brother, being a possibility to do an activity and start a conversation that needs to be developed with the child.

ducklings with duck mother coloring page
Ducklings are next to the adult animal

duck with chick coloring page

mother paw with duckling coloring page
The drawing of the mother paw with the puppy is cute!
mother duck with chicks coloring page
The drawing brings several puppies
duck family coloring page to print and paint
The chicks are exploring close to the adult duck
duck family in pond coloring page
The painting activity brings an entire family to paint
duck family coloring page
The drawing shows the family gathered around an egg

duck with chicks coloring pages

Simple duck drawings

With younger children who are developing painting skills, it is worth choosing simpler drawings with less detail, focusing on the development of painting and stimulating the child’s attention.

So, we put together duck drawings to color in simple versions that are perfect for children who are starting to develop painting activities.

duckling coloring page to print and paint
The simple activity brings a duckling swimming
duckling coloring page
The drawing brings the duckling in the garden
duck drawing easy to paint
The activity is simple and cute!
simple duck drawing to print
The inspiration for painting is an adult animal
simple duck drawing to print
Coloring is simple and easy!
simple duck activity
The design is simple!

simple duck coloring pages

duck drawings to print and paint

Now just choose the preferred versions to ensure the entertainment of children with painting activities, and with the possibility to explore different painting techniques and also with the possibility of knowledge about letters and words.

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