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+37 【COLORING FLAGS】 ᐅ Drawings to Print!

37 【COLORING FLAGS】 ᐅ Drawings to Print

Coloring activities can be a way to explore children’s artistic skills, and in addition to working with the artistic side, it is also possible to bring teachings during the activity, combining painting with learning through coloring flags.

The activity of flags for coloring can be a way of working a little bit of geography and general knowledge, bringing national, state and even international flags, showing characteristics of different flags and bringing knowledge and curiosities about the location to which the flag belongs.

And if you want to combine coloring activities with knowledge, we have collected flags for coloring. So, you can print for free activities and ensure fun and knowledge among children.

Flags coloring pages printable

Brazil flag for coloring

Among the options of drawings for coloring and printing, one of the possibilities is the national flag drawings, bringing the symbol of the country and the representation of Brazil as a proposal for children to paint.

During the national flag painting activity, it is possible to work with geographic themes about the country, explanation of the characteristics of the flag, and even about the colors chosen and the representation that each color brings.

The activity of flags for coloring Brazil can be done at any time of the year and is an excellent choice of activity for the week of the motherland.

Brazil flag coloring page
The activity is to paint the country’s flag
activity with Brazil flag for coloring
The activity of painting still brings information about the country

drawing of the flag of Brazil to paint

national flag coloring page
Painting can explore general knowledge
national flag coloring page
The image brings an inspiration of how to color

State flags for coloring

Among the possibilities of coloring activities to work with children, one of the possible activities is the painting of flags of the States of Brazil.

The activity can be done initially with the flag of the State of the child, and later flags of other States can be introduced, working on geography and regions of the country.

southern states flags for coloring
The activity brings the flags of the states of the South region – Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná
SP state flag to paint
The activity carries the flag of the State of SP
flag of the State of Minas Gerais for coloring
The painting activity makes reference to MG
State of Rio de Janeiro coloring page
The activity works with the RJ Flag
flag of the State of Espirito Santo to paint
The idea is to paint the flag of Espírito Santo
flag of the State of Bahia to paint
The activity makes reference to the State of Bahia, located in the northeast region
Sergipe and Alagoas flags for coloring
The images refer to Sergipe and Alagoas
flag of Pernambuco and Paraiba to color
The drawings to paint are flags of Pernambuco and Paraíba
flag of the State of Rio Grande do Norte coloring page
The activity works the flag of Rio Grande do Norte
flag of Ceara and Piaui for coloring
The activity unites the references of the States of Ceará and Piauí
flag of Maranhao coloring
The activity is a reference to Maranhão
flags of the Midwest states for coloring
The representation features flags from the states of the Midwest – Mato Grosso do Sul; Mato Grosso and Goiás
Tocantins flag for coloring
The representation is a reference to Tocantins
Para flag for coloring
The flag of Pará has a central star
Amapa flag to paint
The activity works the flag of Amapá
amazon flag coloring
The drawing to paint is from the State of Amazonas
flag of Roraima to paint
The painting is of the flag of Roraima
flag of Acre to paint
The reference is to the State of Acre
Rondonia flag for coloring
The activity carries the flag of Rondônia

Flags of countries for coloring

In addition to national and state symbols, the activity with children can also bring knowledge from other countries, with coloring flags referring to international destinations.

United States flag to paint
The activity is a reference to the USA
spain flag coloring
Knowledge about Spain can be work in the activity
flag of Portugal for coloring
Painting the flag of Portugal can bring information about the country
Australia flag to paint
The proposal is to color the flag of Australia
Argentina flag for coloring
The drawing is a reference to Argentina
mexico flag coloring
The flag of Mexico has a central detail to paint

Now just prepare the activities and explore the artistic side together with information and knowledge that can be worked on during practice.

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