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+30 TEDDY POOH coloring pages for free!【2021】

30 TEDDY POOH coloring pages for free【2021】

⭐ Looking for Winnie the Pooh coloring pages? In this post you will find the cutest images of Winnie the Pooh and his gang! Save the images for free and print to have your own drawings to color! Children will love it!

Winnie the Pooh post cover to color

Winnie the Pooh drawings for coloring and printing

Below you will find the collection of Winnie the Pooh drawings to color and print for free! To do this is very easy:

  1. Right-click on the chosen image
  2. Select « Save Image As…
  3. Choose the destination location and click “To save
  4. Locate the image on your computer and right-click on it
  5. Select the option “To print
  6. Make adjustments according to your printer
  7. Ready! Just print and you’re ready to color!

Tip: As the drawings are in black and white, select the option to black and white draft when changing print settings. This will make the printer use less ink and still have enough quality to color!

Pooh bear coloring page

Winnie the Pooh, or Winnie the Pooh, has been a Disney hit since 1966. With many cartoons and animated films on the small screen, it won the hearts of many children and adults alike!

We selected the cutest teddy bear images for you to print and color! Check it out below:

teddy pooh with butterfly
Image 1: Pooh bear with butterfly

teddy pooh with christopher robin
Image 2: Pooh e Chistopher Robin

teddy pooh coloring page
Image 3: Pooh bear coloring page

teddy pooh with bees coloring page
Image 4: Pooh with balloon and bees

baby pooh bear coloring
Image 5: Pooh bear baby

teddy pooh with balloons
Image 6: Pooh with balloons to color

Piglet coloring

Piglet is a lovable and fearful pig, and he is certainly one of the favorite characters in the gang!

pooh with piglet in the rain
Image 7: Pooh and Piglet in the rain

pooh abracando leitao
Figure 8: Pooh bear and piglet

teddy pooh with piglet on the bike
Image 9: Pooh and Piglet riding a bike

Pooh bear coloring page with piglet
Image 10: Pooh and Piglet Friendship

Tigger coloring page

Tigger is the most agitated and hyperactive character, often appearing jumping from one side to the other, without stopping. His energy is so contagious that he even spawned a Disney movie!

See below the images of the tiger with the biggest heart on the screen:

pooh with tiger and balloons
Image 11: Tigger and Winnie the Pooh with balloons

tiger coloring page halloween
Image 12: Tigger on Halloween

teddy pooh to color with tiger
Image 13: Pooh and Tigger coloring page

yo to color

Ió is a gray donkey who, despite his sadder personality, is still very much loved by his friends and fans of the cartoon!

Color the drawings below and show your love for him too!

teddy pooh to color with yo
Image 14: pooh and yo

go to color
Image 15: Yo to color planting flower

Pooh bear coloring page with io baby
Image 16: Pooh bear and Ió baby

Winnie the Pooh gang coloring page

Here are the drawings with the whole class! Pooh is a very sweet teddy bear and that’s why he is always with his friends.

What are your favorite characters?

teddy bear gang
Image 17: Pooh Bear’s Class

Tigrao piglet and pooh coloring page
Image 18: Tigger, Piglet and Pooh

tiger and piglet pooh in the lake
Image 19: Pooh, Piglet and Tigger playing in the lake

abel and guru to color
Image 20: Abel and Guru coloring page

tiger yo and pooh coloring page
Image 21: Tigger, Pooh and Yo

pooh teddy bear gang on the balao
Image 22: Pooh gang in the balloon

Tigrao pooh and abel coloring page
Image 23: Tigger, Pooh and Abel

birthday pooh coloring page
Image 24: pooh’s class on birthday

guru piglet and abel coloring page
Image 25: Guru, Piglet and Abel

guru and speaker coloring
Image 26: Speaker and Guru to color

teddy pooh gang coloring page
Image 27: Class of Pooh coloring page

pooh abel e guru
Image 28: Pooh, Abel and Guru on the bridge

teddy pooh gang in winter
Image 29: pooh gang in the snow

teddy pooh and his gang
Image 30: Winnie the Pooh and his Gang

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Comment below which drawings you would like to see here on the coloring page!

To the next!

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