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+30 【ILLUSTRATED PARLENDES】 ᐅ Early Childhood Education 2021

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Parlendas are children’s rhythms that serve as an educational and entertainment system for children, helping in memorizing and fixing some concepts. Thus, there is the possibility of illustrated parlendas, which bring rhymes and illustrations that help to memorize and even create artistic activities.

In this way, parlendas are kinds of texts that can be recited at a certain pace, facilitating children’s understanding and being part of the popular and oral literature of Brazilian folklore.

Following the proposal to work with children, we have assembled illustrated parlors to work with rhythmic texts with illustrations, so that children can work with popular literature and still be entertained with coloring activities.

Illustrated parlenda templates for printing

Short illustrated parlays

Among the styles of parlendas to work with early childhood education, there are the versions of short parlendas, which are rhythmic texts and of short size, facilitating the understanding of younger children and working on the beginning of memorization.

The shorter parlendas are ideal for different moments, and can be worked in the classroom or even at home, creating a fun moment with the children and working the learning in a playful way.

illustrated parliamentary activity for early childhood education
The short version works with illustrations and text interpretation through association with images
short parliamentary for early childhood education
In addition to coloring, the activity also encourages association and drawing
short parlenda template to print and paint
The version brings simple illustration for coloring

illustrated and short parlor to print and paint

illustrated parlor and short for coloring
The text accompanies a coloring page
parlenda curtinha with drawing to paint
The short text is fun!
illustrated parliamentary to learn numbers
The illustrated activity works the text with numerals

short illustrated speeches to print for free

activities with short illustrated parlendas

Funny illustrated speeches

The illustrated parlors can follow different styles, and there are also funny versions, which appear through rhythmic and fun texts.

Thus, texts that can be read in a rhythmic way can have a context funny, having fun with the kids while learning.

This way of working with Brazilian folklore is also a memorization activity and ideal for younger children who are in the memorization and literacy phase.

illustrated and funny parliamentary
The text has fun character
funny illustrated talking
The activity can be used in early childhood education

funny illustrated talking

illustrated parliamentary activity
The rhythmic text is well known and fun!
funny parlenda model for coloring
The text is fun and has an illustration depicting what happened
children's parlenda for coloring
The longest text is ideal for working with already literate children
illustrated festa junina coloring page
The activity mixes sounds, rhythms and illustrations
funny parlenda for coloring
The context is funny and easy to memorize

funny illustrated speeches to print

Illustrated speeches to complete

Among the activities that can be developed through the illustrated parlendas, there is the possibility of working with options to complete.

In this case, the parlendas bring space to complete a few words, working with memorization and literacy.

Some of the activities can bring the illustration of the word that must be completed, and so the child develops the interpretation through the drawings.

illustrated parlendas to complete and paint
The images refer to the words that must be completed
parlenda to print for free and complete
The activity is fun and works with interpretation
illustrated parliamentary model to complete and color
The activity brings the words that must be completed at the end of the page
parlendas to complete and print for free
The drawings indicate the words that must be completed
fun parlendas to complete and paint
The activity of completing works the memorization

illustrated parliamentary activities to complete

illustrated parlors to complete and print for free

Now just choose your favorite versions of rhythmic and illustrated texts to work with children and develop skills focused on literature, Brazilian folklore and artistic activities.

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