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10 Creative Ball Games – Ideas with Fun Guaranteed!

10 Creative Ball Games Ideas with Fun Guaranteed

Beyond sports like football, volleyball and basketball, the ball can be an instrument to create many games and games among children and adolescents. Thus, there are a multitude of activities and ball games that can be developed for entertainment.

And if you’ve been looking for ideas for activities that go beyond the digital universe and small screens, we’ve put together tips for making ball games to entertain inside or outside the home and that will amuse the galley.

ball play ideas

Ball Play Ideas

Goal to Goal

The activity is a great possibility for children and teenagers who like football, and in this case, the game can be played with only 2 participants, an alternative for when it is not possible to gather a crowd.

The objective of the game is simple – to score goals on the opponent. Thus, one participant stands in defense of the goal, while the other kicks from the middle of the field or another mark created previously.

The rules for play are:

  • If the ball hits the post or the crossbar, the opponent has the right to hit a penalty, that is, an attempt to shoot with a shorter distance;
  • If the person who is going to kick does not respect the mark and exceeds the point to hit the goal, the opponent is entitled to a penalty.

Thus, the winner of the game is the one who scores the most goals among the possibilities of 25 kicks (moves) for each participant.

ball game for few participants
The activity is ideal for those who like football

play with ball goal by goal

Hot potato

One of the old games with the ball and which is still a possibility of activity with children is the hot potato game.

In this activity, the participants sit in a circle and pass a ball from hand to hand, while someone stands outside the wheel, on their backs, and singing “hot, hot, hot… burnt potatoes”.

When the person who is singing stops, the person who has the ball in his hands will be the next to come out of the circle and sing.

With people leaving the wheel, the distance between the participants increases, and this makes it difficult to pass the ball.

hot potato prank
The old game entertains children

wheel play with ball


To make a fun and creative game using a ball, one of the possibilities is the “kangaroo” activity, which is a variation of the bag race and which brings a great challenge to the participants.

In the activity, each participant places a ball between their knees, and the race starts. Thus, participants with the ball embedded between their knees must go jumping up to the end point of the race.

The winner of the race is the one who arrives first without having dropped the ball on the course.

And to increase the level of difficulty, it is possible to create obstacles and non-linear paths so that the participants have to pass by jumping and without dropping the ball.

running game with ball
Running is a fun activity!

kangaroo play with ball


To create an activity with a ball that also helps in the development of vocabulary and even in literacy, the idea is the crossword puzzle with ball.

In the game, the participants stay in a circle, and before starting the round, a letter is chosen, which can be drawn or defined by the members.

Thus, the participant who has the ball in his hand must throw it to another participant of the wheel, and when receiving the ball the participant must speak a word with the letter defined for the round.

The game is to pass the ball randomly and change the letter in each round so that the participants work on the vocabulary.

crossword puzzle with ball
Play stimulates vocabulary

idea of ​​playing with a ball for a group

Bowling Questions

To create a fun ball activity, the idea is to form 2 or more groups with the participants.

The activity is to use the ball to drop bottles or cans, bowling style.

Thus, each dropped bottle or can can bring up a question, and the goal is for participants to be able to knock down the greatest number of pins in order to be able to answer the greatest number of questions.

The winning group is the one that gets the most answers over the rounds.

bowling game with ball
Bowling carries a question on each dropped pin
bowling of questions
Bowling still works with knowledge

Burning Heart

To rescue street games, one of the ideas is the “heart burning” activity, which is a variation of the fire.

The activity consists of dividing the participants and 2 teams that will participate in the burning game.

The difference with a traditional fire, is that in this game each team must choose a participant who will be the « heart » of the group. This decision must be kept secret from the opposing group.

Thus, the goal is for each group to attack with the ball to hit the chosen participant as the heart. The idea of ​​the game is to protect the heart and make it difficult for the opposing team to « burn » it.

The winning team is the one that manages to « burn » the heart of the other group first.

play burning heart with ball


The game that can be an idea of ​​outdoor play consists of spreading the players on a court or in a space bounded for the activity.

Thus, whoever has the ball in his hand cannot walk and the goal is to hit another participant by throwing the ball.

The rules of the game are as follows:

  • If the ball leaves the court without hitting anyone, the player in turn receives the ball for a new attempt;
  • The participant who is hit by the ball becomes an « amoeba » and must be seated;
  • An amoeba can only get up again if it can touch someone who is standing or can catch the ball while sitting;
  • When an “amoeba” manages to touch someone or the ball, it must shout “amoeba!” and the standing person who was touched or the ball player must sit down and become an amoeba.
amoeba play with ball
Amoeba play can be done outdoors

fun ball game


Command activity is well simple and you just need a free wall and a ball.

Thus, the participant must throw the ball on the wall and perform some commands while the ball touches the wall and returns to his hands.

The idea is for the participant to be able to carry out the commands and not let the ball fall to the ground, otherwise it is the turn of another participant.

Among the commands for the activity, some possibilities are:

  • Clapping – the player throws the ball on the wall and must clap while the ball touches the wall and then must catch it without falling on the floor;
  • Squat – throws the ball on the wall and performs a squat before the ball turns;
  • Jumping on one foot – while the ball touches the wall the player jumps on one foot before catching the ball again;
  • Right and left – the ball must be thrown with the right hand and rescue with the left hand;
  • Pirouette – after throwing the ball on the wall, the participant must perform a pirouette before catching the ball again.
    how to play command with ball
    The activity is fun and challenging

    creative play with ball

Ball in bucket

The activity is a simple and easy game to do even indoors.

The idea is to create a kind of basketball, using a bucket instead of a basket.

Thus, the participant’s goal is to fit the ball into the bucket, maintaining a previously delimited distance for shooting.

simple ball game


An old and still practiced ball activity is silly play, which can be played with 3 or more participants.

The idea is that the players stay in a circle and one person stays in the center, like a fool.

The goal is for players to be able to throw the ball at each other without the silly being able to catch it.

If the person in the center manages to catch the ball, he goes back to the wheel and whoever had thrown the ball goes to the center, like a fool.

silly game with ball
The silly activity is an old game

  silly joke

Have you ever performed any of these entertainment activities? Tell us which of the proposals you liked best and if you have any other creative activity that involves ball.

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