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What is your unicorn name?

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Lately, I have been preparing a unicorn party for my 11 year old daughter.

I had so much fun creating all kinds of desserts, that I decided to create a thematic month in November! November is dark and sad, so I wanted to create a month full of colors. The funniest thing? Other sweet creators and artisans embark on this unicorn madness with me. You can see all the publications on the various social networks with the hashtag #moisdeslicornes. There are no contests or discounts related to this thematic month as such, but I want to showcase local businesses, like mine, which have talent to spare! Let’s promote creative talent from here.

What is planned for this month of unicorns

Do you see the cute TROOOP unicorn cake? Its creator is Gilles de Les Gâteaux de Gilles and he filmed everything to prepare this cake. His icing used was a chocolate ganache flavored with limoncello! It is really good. You can watch the full video on his YouTube channel.

I created all the other desserts and my sister helped me with the visual editing. Throughout the month of November, every Monday morning, a new video will be posted on my channel to show you how I made the various desserts. I also made sweet creations for the YouTube channel of Kitchen Jukebox, a Laval company.

The activities that the children did

I don’t have the profile of a children’s party host at all! Here’s what I found to keep them occupied.

The race for skittles

There were two plates. One void and the other containing about twenty skittles. In a certain time the children had to transfer them using a straw.

Pin the unicorn horn

The equivalent of the donkey poster game but unicorn version. I had a poster printed with a drawing I liked at Bureau en Gros and it now sits in my daughter’s room.

Paint cookies

I made cookies with a unicorn stencil on it and the kids painted with food coloring. I’m going back to the methods for making cookies with the kids on my YouTube channel in a few weeks.

Have your own unicorn name

We welcomed the guests with a sheet that I had created. Each guest had to find their unicorn name that they should have for the rest of the day. It gave funny moments! And I’m nice, I share my work with you and give you the file so you can print it. You only have to click here to get the PDF format high resolution free.

Based on this sheet, what is your unicorn name? For mine, it would be Fabulous Truth!

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