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What is your monster name

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Me and the kids had fun making a funny picture for you to find a monster name before the Halloween party. And if you don’t know yet how to dress up, I think it will help you find the inspiration you were missing 😉

Find your monster name!

For starters, we first randomly listed types of costumes. Then we had fun adding 26 terrorizing qualities for Halloween. Finally, the children found 12 characteristics to make their character truly monstrous. Once placed in a table, it gave this:

wooloo monster name

At home we have a Blood Covered Maniac Princess, a Dark Bearded Long Doll, a Heartless Dark Pumpkin, a Dark Bearded Long Mouse and A Crazy Dark Princess to tie, and we are very happy with that 😛

Do you like our little game? So don’t hesitate to share our board with your friends!

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