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Tips for making your first cake

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When it comes to our child’s first birthday, it’s often when we try to make our first cake. With Pinterest, you sometimes feel the pressure of having to have a grand party with a mega dessert table, entertainment and surprise bags.

I say wo minute !

I hear you say yes but you Vero you always do that binbig’. To which I retort that it is part of my job to create content and inspire people. Before I had my cookie business, I only made a cake for my kids’ birthday and it was good in droves. I always go there with a theme on which they triumph.

I made my first cake in spring 2007. It was for my spouse’s birthday. There weren’t as many resources back then as they are today. We mainly found books (in English) and an English-speaking forum (CakeCentral.com).

Cake evolution

Six months later, my daughter’s first birthday was celebrated. Obviously, I already wanted to increase the difficulty when I did not even master the basics.

Elmo seated red cake

Over the years and from mistakes, I have learned. Cakes have never been my favorite hobby, cookies being my favorite sweet medium. Online resources have also grown over the years. But few resources on cake design in French existed. By cons in recent months, there are new players on this side, including my friend Sandra Major from Le Sucre au Four. After a few years preparing cake orders and moving around for sweet lessons, she launched her online course platform! A new course per month is available. From month to month, the courses vary in complexity from simple to breathtaking. It is a contractless subscription. You can even buy à la carte courses there.

Tips for making a first cake

As I often say bad words when I make mine, I share with you my tips that have helped me improve over time.

Go easy

For a first try, I even suggest a boxed cake if it’s not your hobby to cook. A few weeks ago, I challenged my 11 year old daughter to bake her first cake. I even filmed the whole thing!

In the video, my daughter used store-bought icing, but whew, it really doesn’t work!

I really like the taste of Swiss buttercream, but it’s still a complex icing to master for a first cake. I then suggest the American version.

American buttercream

Author: Veronique Lecours

  • 1 cup of unsalted butter
  • 1/4 vs. salt
  • 4 powdered sugar cups
  • 1 vs. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or more, depending on the taste and the strength of your essence.
  • 2-3 vs. at the table of milk
  • In the bowl of an electric mixer, with a whisk, beat the butter (at medium speed) until smooth (30 seconds to one minute).

  • Add the salt.

  • Add a cup of sugar to the powder, then a second, beating well after each addition.

  • Add the vanilla and beat to combine.

  • Add about 1 tablespoon of milk, and continue to beat.

  • Add the remaining 2 cups of powdered sugar, one at a time.

  • If necessary, add milk, 1-2 tablespoons at a time until desired consistency. If you want to put the frosting on cupcakes, the frosting should be thick and hold well. Slightly softer to successfully spread it on a cake.

But by the way, how much buttercream will you need? It varies depending on the size of your cake. Here is an article that I invite you to read on Le Sucre Au Four’s blog.

Children ask for little

I realize this with my cookies. My kids flip when I leave them white cookies that they can color with food pencils. It’s the same with cakes. They don’t need a 5-story cake to be impressed. The simple fact that it was THEIR mother who did it and they will have stars in their eyes and a memory engraved in their memory.

Recipes that work

Need a recipe for your cake?

Chocolate cake

Vanilla cake

Gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate cake

Plan ahead

It may seem simple as advice but admit that you often do it last minute. If you want to make a cake, you have to make sure you have everything on hand. The tray, the dyes, the decorations, the sugar paste, maybe even an edible image, etc. If these items are not available near your home, then it is required to order online and this may cause delays.

Where to buy supplies to make cakes?

I must admit that I have a big weakness for Tamara from KitchenJukebox.com. She has a host of products and is always ready to advise you. Her boutique is located in Laval and she ships all over the world. In Quebec, there are Aux Arts de la Table and Marieville Maman Gâto. These two places also send by mail. There are more and more small local cake supply stores.

Facebook Groups

Did you know that there are several Facebook groups dedicated to cakes and other sweets? I invite you to join them since they are groups from Quebec and you can find a lot of information there. Personally, I’m on Ami (e) s Gâteaux, C’est Juste du Gâteau and Nos desserts au Québec.

Want to learn more?

Le Sucre Au Four has a mega promotion this month, until March 31. You can benefit fromone month free ! You will have access to ALL of its courses and I am sure that you will fall in love with this platform and that it will make you want to create cakes for your loved ones. Sandra also posts free content weekly on her YouTube channel. Its subscribers also have access to a private Facebook group with additional content.

Sandra Major from Le Sucre au Four - cake design online in French

Here is Sandra Major’s advice for a beginner:

Allow yourself not to be the best and do what you love!

Véronique Lecours
Creator of sweet memories | Sug’Art
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