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The cone-shaped cupcakes cake

1584198615 The cone shaped cupcakes cake

I love making my children’s birthday cakes. A few years ago, I « tried » to make my cakes by melting. The first attempts were not very successful, but I ended up managing. Kind. On the other hand, I am very far from reaching the achievements of my friend Véro’s sweet tables! Do you have his last Dumbo party, his pajamas party or his Video games theme? It is really worth going to see! But while waiting to reach these heights, I present to you my concept of favorite party cake: the cupcakes cake in the shape of a cone!

The cupcakes cake

The cupcake cake is a great idea to create our own children’s cake, without too much skills in pastry. The principle is simple: we prepare cupcakes (the best vanilla cake recipe HERE), assemble according to the desired shape and add the creaming as best as we can. Hihi.

For Chloé’s party, I chose to make a gigantic cone with not 2 not 3, but 5 scoops of ice cream !! #the dream

Ingredients and materials

To make a cupcake-shaped cake, you will need:

  • 15 cupcakes
  • 3 or 4 cream colors
  • 3 or 4 pastry cases
  • cake decorations
  • 3 cherries
  • a large thick cardboard to serve as a tray

Method for making a cupcake in the shape of a cone

Here’s how to make a cupcake cake like mine, step by step.

  • Take 1 large waffle cone and put a cupcake in it.
  • On the cardboard, place the cupcakes as desired, just to visualize.
  • Then put a little cream under each cupcake. (I omitted this step and I had all the misery in the world to transport my creation unscathed!)
  • Start creaming the “scoops” of ice cream from bottom to top. To make it more realistic, try to overlap the creaming.
  • Add a few candies, decorations or chocolate, as desired.
  • Finish by adding a cherry on the top cupcake.

What I like most about this concept is that there are many choices for children and no knife is necessary. The portions are perfect and already precut. Everyone uses it and it’s really simpler.

Here, I kept the jar of cherries, candy and extra cones to add to children’s plates. It avoided unnecessary frills and everyone was happy.

Remember to keep this idea in your pins!


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