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The 28 Funniest Christmas Family Photos

1586398742 The 28 Funniest Christmas Family Photos

In my last post for the holidays, I shared some ideas for you to tinker with your Christmas cards with the kids. But another tradition that I love is to send a “nice” family photo to family and friends. So today, prepare to laugh a little because I have for you the most beautiful, the funniest and the most original christmas family photos that you will have seen! We photoshop, we close all eyes or we slap the little ones on the ceiling! Here, everything is allowed to keep the most beautiful memories of Christmas with the family!

Christmas family photos

Each year, the people around us receive dozens and dozens of Christmas cards. So, to stand out from the crowd (and make sure you don’t end up in the trash!), Be creative and a little ketanian !!!

To inspire you, I found the best and funniest Christmas family photos. Prepare to laugh!

Family photos with children only

Sometimes, we prefer to send only the photos of the little wolves. It’s more cute. Sometimes…

Doubtful montages

These family photos were created by the most amateur graphic designers I know. But it’s funny and that’s all that matters!

The human body

We can do lots of nice things with our body, like creating letters or trees…

Concept photos

The idea is to find a concept and play it thoroughly like the mom who kisses Santa Claus, eyes closed, the bag on his head or the family in the 70s style. is brown!

Do not hesitate to send us your photos! I will share mine with you échange

To keep our ideas in your pins:

Family photos / wooloo

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