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Sweet quesadillas for your party

1610912636 Sweet quesadillas for your party

International theme parties can be a great idea for children to learn more about the culture of other countries and also about their gastronomy. For that reason we are going to give you a delicious idea in case you want to make one Mexican party or if you simply want to change the food of your parties and you want something as sweet as the quesadillas we have prepared for you.

Table des matières


In this post we have thought about helping you prepare some quesadillas for children and for this you will need these ingredients:

  • A packet of corn flour tortillas (although we can make them too)
  • Several bananas (not too ripe and not too green)
  • Peanut butter (soft or crunchy)
  • Chocolate chips to melt.

Preparation mode

Peanut butter can be found in many brands but almost all of them are reduced to soft and crunchy. Soft is that it only has butter and crunchy is butter with pieces of peanuts, which makes it more crunchy, so you will choose the one you like the most.

We will start by spreading the peanut butter all over the tortilla, leaving a centimeter of edge all over the circumference as we can see in the photo above. We will cut the banana into slices and we will only put them in half of the quesadilla. The last step is to put a few chocolate chips.

We will fold the quesadilla over the filling that we have made and we will heat a large pan but that has a non-stick surface and we will let it simmer on both sides for two or three minutes.

As we remove it, we will cut it into two or three pieces, as if it were a pizza and it can be eaten, but carefully because they will be very hot. The texture generated by the mixture of peanut butter, with the hot banana and the melted chocolate will be to die for.

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