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Simple and festive snacks to impress your children!

1585338122 Simple and festive snacks to impress your children

The good weather returns and it makes me want to have fun and enjoy even more the little pleasures of life.

I first had the idea of ​​having a tropical themed party. With decorations worthy of Pinterest all more extravagant than the others. I started looking for inspiration on the internet. But it was all too far from what I wanted to share with you through my articles.

Mom’s life is pretty much like a balancing act. We often seek the good harmony between all spheres of our life. Between spending quality time with your children and having time to develop as a person. Go after his wishes and dreams despite all our responsibilities.

As a mom, we have a lot on our shoulders so I decided to trade this big tropical party for a surprise snack for my 9 year old boy. Because transforming small everyday moments into wonderful memories can be done by changing only a few small details;)!

It also gave me the opportunity to take some time for myself by making this really simple little Diy.

Table des matières

DIY decor:

Click here to download the pattern 😉!

For the rest I took things that I already had at home. It can be very simple (you don’t have to decorate as much) all it takes is a little imagination and then what will count most for your child is to spend a real time with you. Fiston was very happy just to know that I had prepared a surprise for him!

To taste it, I decided to continue in simplicity with quick and healthy recipes.

The recipes :

For more energy ball recipes, I recommend you check out Caroline’s article.

Are you tempted to surprise your children? If so share your photos with me!
In the meantime I leave here a small gift to download for you;)!

Click here to download.

For full recipes, my inspiration for the article and more:

It’s happening on Pinterest

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