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Quick and original snacks for a children’s party

Quick and original snacks for a childrens party


In any children’s party There should always be food and much better if it is original and fun. In this article we are going to give you a series of ideas so that you can put aside the typical bag snacks and prepare something healthy and fun for them, such as sandwiches stuffed with cold cuts such as turkey breast or carrot or celery sticks accompanied with some sauce. to dip.

The mini pizzas They are a very original alternative for the catering of a children’s party. Making the base with flour and water will not cost us too much work, but better if we make them with whole wheat flour. We will accompany it with natural tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms and cheese. They will love it!

With some puff pastry wafers we can make some dumplings, but to avoid an excess of oil, we can make them in the oven. Sweet or salty, with tuna and tomato, mix of cheeses, pumpkin, etc. There are many different alternatives and they can also be eaten both hot and cold. You will be right for sure.

Burgers like everyone, especially children and for any kind of children’s party there is nothing better than preparing mini 100% beef burgers. Mini rolls, a lettuce leaf, a little tomato, a slice of cheese and above all, a few cans of ketchup and mustard for those who like it.

For a much healthier proposal, you can not miss the fruit skewers. Kiwi, strawberry, melon, banana, pineapple, peach … there are hundreds of different combinations for you to prepare the most fantastic skewers.

Something that all children also like a lot are flavored jellies. Instead of buying them made, we can prepare them at home, giving them the color and flavor that we want and putting them in small cups with spoons so that all children can enjoy this delicious product.

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