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Organize a dream pajama party

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Recently, my 12 year old daughter asked me to organize a pajama party with her friends, so since she has a small group of friends, I dared to say yes. So I share with you our best ideas and some inspirations to organize the best of friends parties in soft flannel pants and phentex slippers version!

How to Host a Great Pajama Party

There was only one rule to follow for guests during the pajama party; as soon as they arrived, everyone had to be dressed in their pajamas, without exception! For the rest of the party, we were just inspired by the elements that we prefer on Sunday morning.

Pajama party style invitations

Here are some great ideas for creating themed invitations:

To find out more about these images, go see our pins in our “Party Pajama” table on our favorite platform: Pinterest !!

Meal ideas for a pajama party

Do you like brunch? We love it! What could be better as a meal for a pajama party then? In the heat of the moment, I forgot to take photos of the meal, but here is what we ate for this festive evening:

  • molasses beans and slow cookers (we love Ricardo’s recipe!);
  • eggs;
  • bacon;
  • breakfast sausages (Costco’s are great);
  • toast + creton
  • and Smoothies

Our themed desserts for a pajama party

I could have just made a buffet of waffles, pancakes and pancakes with different toppings, but if you get to know me; I don’t know the half measure! So my sister and I set up the dessert table to make it look like a bed. We found our idea completely perfect to complete this pajama party. Pink pillow cake for pajama party

On our sweet table, we could find:

Coloring cookies for pajama party

The best homemade waffles - wooloo

Yes, but I don’t know how to make beautiful cakes like that

Buying a carved cake can be expensive. Do you know the Quebec online cake course platform of Le Sucre Au Four? You can subscribe to it monthly, without contract or buy lessons individually. I’m constantly seeing what Sandra Major’s students are doing and what they are achieving is absolutely fabulous. For the pajama party, Sandra, who is the sweet artist behind this platform, made a pillow-shaped cake with a stack of pancakes. The whole thing was entirely in cake (and sugar paste). This is his online course for November and you have a preview right here:

The decoration for the pajama party

Pajama party dessert table installed on a bed

So, here, we mainly put the accent on our pretty dessert table. The arrangement looks complex and expensive, but I’ll give you some tips to lighten it up. Last spring, I gave you my tips for my boy’s pirate party and I continue in the same vein to successfully decorate my sweet tables, without breaking my head too much.

Decorate a sweet table easily

I used a folding table 4 feet by 2 feet which is adjustable in height. We installed it at the height of a bed. I borrowed the veil from an acquaintance and added small lights that I bought last year in liquidation at Provigo after the Holidays. Dishes are all items I had in my cupboards. The comforter comes from my daughter’s bed. For the headboard, my sister retrieved the old headboard from my mother who was sleeping in her storage. She gave him a little paint with a few strokes of sandpaper. The cushion and the pink comforter are a gift offered by my mother for the new decoration of my daughter’s room.

To have themed parties for children who have a punch, do not hesitate to ask for help from those around you. Creating sweet memories for my children’s birthdays warms my heart, as I myself have fond memories of my birthdays when I was younger.

So, your verdict now! Do you like our sweet table? Are you planning to give your daughter a pajama party theme this year? If not, what theme would you like to see on the site?

You like? Keep these ideas in your pins on Pinterest!

How to organize a dream pajama party

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