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Oh dear, it’s tea time!

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This article is a presentation of the Canadian Turkey.

Are you planning to receive the family to mark Mother’s Day, your grandchild’s graduation or the confirmation of the godchild? There are plenty of good reasons to choose Canadian turkey for your next special occasion!

Canadian turkey to feed a crowd!

wooloo canadian turkey

  • For an elegant family-style buffet

A whole turkey can feed a large crowd and provide a variety of servings of brown and white meats (depending on individual preferences). Add a few side dishes and you will have a nice family-style buffet to receive your guests!

  • To welcome like a pro and save precious time

Choosing to cook a whole turkey is freeing up precious time before the guests arrive. While the turkey is cooking, we have time to prepare all the rest and it is even possible to reliably predetermined the cooking time so that the turkey will come out of the oven just when your guests arrive.

We know that feeding a large crowd often comes with a fairly salty bill. A whole turkey is a very economical way to feed a large group, not to mention delicious leftovers that can be used later in the week.

White meat and dark meat is a lean protein which makes it possible to serve a meal that is both light and delicious!

English tea

Do you want to receive differently? Again, I offer the Canadian Turkey served in a chic and very simple English tea.

The history of 4 hour tea

The British have been drinking tea for centuries. In the books, it is said that it was around 1660 that the wife of King Charles II, Catherine of Bragança, introduced this drink into the English way of life. On the other hand, it was rather the Duchess of Bedford who introduced the custom of tea from 4 p.m. around the 1800s. This custom would have started when the Duchess asked that tea be served to her in the late afternoon accompanied by a small « snack » to snack on. Then she started inviting her friends to the snack and the tradition spread across the country.English wooloo tea

The preparation

Hosting with English tea has the advantage of being really not complicated. All you need is a teapot (black tea and ideally not in a bag), milk, lemon, sugar, cups with saucers as well as spoons and a cloth towel.

Tea is drunk by snacking on a few small sandwiches, cakes and scones portioned into small bites. You can also add butter and jam on the table.

Originally, tea is tasted on the coffee table in the living room to chat with the guests.

English wooloo tea

Good manners

If you want to do like the English way, you have to sit up straight, cup in hand and towel on your knees. Remember, this is the cup that comes to your lips and not your head. It is also important to do not lift a finger, because contrary to belief, nobody does that in large English families. We drink our tea in small sips, without blowing on the tea to cool it and by placing its cup and saucer between each sip.

What are we eating

Simply sandwiches and cupcakes!

To make real English tea, make sure the sandwich bread has no rind and the ingredients for the filling are very thinly sliced. Sandwiches and cakes should also be able to be eaten in one or two bites. You can cut into a point, rectangle, square or with a cookie cutter.

English wooloo tea

Two or three varieties of sandwiches are enough for an English tea party. On my table I put sandwiches with eggs, cucumbers and turkey salad. That I share with you right here:

Turkey and cranberry sandwich filling

Author: Caroline Savard

  • 200 gr Canadian Turkey cooked and chopped into small pieces
  • 2 vs. mayonnaise soup
  • 1 vs. plain Greek yogurt soup
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1 vs. dried cranberry soup chopped
  • 1 vs. chopped French shallot soup
  • Salt pepper.


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And here are some tips and tricks on Canadian turkey:

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