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Make a WOW dessert table for cheap

1586019635 Make a WOW dessert table for cheap

With Pinterest which is ubiquitous in our lives, we can feel a little pressure for children’s parties. Over the years, I have quietly increased the visual for my children’s parties. I really enjoy doing it and I know it inspires you. Maybe not to do the same, but at least to reproduce a few elements and then create a magical atmosphere.

I invite you to visit my Pinterest board on the last topic I worked on, that is, pirates. To see in detail all the desserts I have created, you can read my blog article on the subject by clicking here.

I also invite you to listen to my capsule below for my few tips.

Tips for making your sweet tables worthy of Pinterest, cheap!


Here I am not talking about knowing a quarter turn where the elements will be placed. But by thinking in advance what it will be served, you can then better delegate the tasks to be done.

Don’t be symmetrical

I know, we regularly see symmetrical sweet table decorations. My sister, who is in charge of implementation, always avoids symmetry. This makes for a more natural, more inviting decor. Our eyes then appreciate the whole more.


Go around your house and sort out what could be used. It can be as simple as a « perfect » can that will complement the visual. Even a piece of furniture, if it is not too heavy, can be used!

Unicorn cake on a thematic dessert tableUse a background

Personally, I find that hiding the background behind a sweet table changes everything. Seeing family photos or a color wall that doesn’t match at all doesn’t work for visual uniformity. I use building poles to hold my various bottoms. We can be seen installing it in the timelapse of the assembly of the sweet unicorn table below.

Ask for help

We may be tempted to want to be like a superhero and do everything ourselves. Honestly, the most beautiful sweet tables I have made have been at events where I have had collaborators. Each person can then use their strength to their maximum.

Bake the cake yourself

We all agree that the cake is really the most expensive in a children’s party. A cake like the treasure chest would cost over $ 500 if you order it from a cake designer. There are a lot of working hours. Doing it yourself will cost you less than $ 75 if you are already a little equipped. There is a ton of free tutorial to learn the basics of cake making. If you want to deepen this art a little more, there are online cake schools in French, such as Le Sucre Au Four. You can buy the courses individually or take a monthly subscription without contract.

Quebec YouTube channel on cakes:

Baked Sugar
Gilles’ Cakes

Treasure chest pirate cake by Le Sucre Au Four

Véronique Lecours
Creator of sweet memories | Sug’Art
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