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Jack the leprechaun

Jack the leprechaun

Since yesterday, our storefront has been embellished with Jack, a life-size skeleton that inspired me the concept of the Halloween elf.

Each morning, let the children discover the funny trick that Jake the articulated skeleton has simmered like the Christmas elf. Children will love discovering Jake’s funny things, until October 31, the night of the big harvest!

My halloween elf

No need to break your head to make your Halloween pixie. You just need to get a 5-foot articulated skeleton ($ 40 at Walmart) and let your creativity go according to the means and the time you have.

But do not forget to adjust the tours according to the age and temperament of your children! I will leave you some alternatives for the youngest at the end of this article.

Jake the meteorologist

Dress the Halloween elf in the clothes of adults and children depending on the temperature of the day.

wooloo halloween leprechaun

Jake goes to school (intrinsic motivation)

Jake is already ready for school. What about you kids?

wooloo halloween leprechaunwooloo halloween leprechaun


How careful this Jake is! He never forgets to put on his sunscreen before going out.

wooloo halloween leprechaun

Jake has lunch

Let Jake set the table for lunch and take the opportunity to offer the children a box of « special » cereals to surprise them.

wooloo halloween leprechaun

Jake plays

Use your outdoor modules to put the Halloween elf in different positions!

wooloo halloween leprechaun

Jake the cat

And why not involve your animals in it. It’s always funny!

wooloo halloween leprechaun

Jake reads

Put it in your chair with your children’s favorite book (or a new book, as a surprise)

wooloo halloween leprechaunwooloo halloween leprechaun

Jack is sick

Take out your pharmacy paraphernalia to play doctor!

wooloo halloween leprechaun

Jack pees

I can’t wait to see the faces of the kids when they go to the bathroom!

wooloo halloween leprechaunwooloo halloween leprechaun

Jake likes bobettes

A classic! On the other hand I will not put it in the children’s room during the night for fear of frightening them. In mine perhaps?

wooloo halloween leprechaun

Other ideas

The possible ideas are endless! Jack the Halloween Goblin could also:

  • play hide and seek and the children must find it;
  • leave notes or jokes for children;
  • give surprises (to show the children that Jake is a nice skeleton)
  • to be climbed on the table;
  • put balloons all over the kitchen (because he had a party with the barbie, doggies and other toys in the house;
  • etc.

My kids are scared

If the kids are too scared, let Jake the Leprechaun take a walk outside.

Another option for the little ones would be to use a cute Halloween plush (like this witch for example) and use it to make the same concept.

It’s up to you, depending on your children. Have fun big guys !!!

To keep this idea in your Pinterest pins:

wooloo halloween leprechaun

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