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Ideas to prepare a circus party

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Many children love the world of circus, a world full of magic, illusion, color and fun, the exact ingredients to prepare a party funniest. In this article we are going to give you a few ideas so that you can prepare this themed party for them.

Most importantly so that everyone knows that there is going to be a party is to design a few invitations, either drawing them by hand, with cuts of clowns and circus characters or taking advantage of those that we can find free on the Internet. All you have to do is fill them out and send them by email.


The decor It is another point that cannot be missed at a party like these and as summer approaches, a great option is to do it in the garden. For this we will use three small inflatable pools as circus tracks. You can also place an inflatable slide, they are not too expensive and give a lot of play to the little ones.

With cardboard and paint, we can create the silhouette of lions, elephants, monkeys and all the animals that appear in the circus, with which we will create a good atmosphere, to which balloons cannot be missing, the main element in the decoration of any party .

As for food, you can buy a few paper bags and fill them with sweets or popcorn, although the heavy weight will be a cake that we can make with fondant and food coloring to simulate that it is a circus ring, for example, with what we will surprise everyone present.

Games cannot be absent either, so we can prepare a circus performance where everyone participates, including adults. Someone who knows how to do magic tricks, children pretending to be fierce animals while the tamer tells them what to do, someone who disguises himself as a clown and plays pranks, or simply bathe in pools full of water. There are many ideas to make this party the best show in the world. Do you dare to do a circus show?

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