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Ideas to decorate a princess party

Ideas to decorate a princess party


If you are one of the people who has always wanted to do a princess party to your daughter, we are going to help you. In this post we are going to propose different ideas for decoration, something basic in any party and much more if it is as special as this one.

As she is the princess of the house, the event also has to be something unique, so you should not spare your efforts and imagination in turning the place where you are going to celebrate the party into a whole palace.

At any party there should be a good table with food and drink and in this case pink or pastel tones should predominate, which are the ones most associated with princesses. Decorate the table with flowing fabrics such as chiffon in pink, white or light blue. Tulle is also another fabric that we can use, both to decorate the table and the walls, for example. We can not forget gold or silver confetti on the table, it gives a spectacular effect.

The bows can not be missing on the table or anywhere else we want. A good idea is to have a few helium balloons and tie them all with a bow, they will look great.

There should be plenty of different sweets on the table, so that the little princess of the house can surprise all her guests with the latest trends such as cakepops, macarons, cupcakes and a large fondant cake, all in pink and white colors. Everyone will be amazed!

With cardboard, spray paint and a little patience you can also make different decorative elements such as rainbows, unicorns, magic wells and everything we can think of and that has a place in the magical tales of princesses.

Garlands, streamers, paper lamps to create torch effects, music soundtracks, hearts, stars … there are many ideas to create a unique atmosphere for our princess’s party. You dare?

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