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Ideas for a pirate party

Ideas for a pirate party


One of the advantages of the child parties is that they can be of any kind of theme and while one day they can be made of superheroes or cartoon characters, another day it can be pirates, like the one we present to you on this occasion. We are going to give you a few ideas to prepare the most pirate party you can imagine.

Ideas for a pirate themed party

The decoration will be essential and what we must have is a large pirate flag, which we can make with black and white fabric to make the skull and tibias or buy it made that are very affordable in the bazaars.

But not only will we have to have a flag, we can make a lot of patches with a little black felt and an elastic band, so that all the children have their pirate patch. We can also opt for a scarf to put on the head, hats, plastic swords, vests, etc.

The invitations can be the first phase of the party, with which we will surprise everyone. We can make them with Kraft paper and we take a rectangular piece, like a sheet, we burn it on the sides and we pass a lit lighter over the entire length of the paper, but not with the intention of burning it but so that it acquires a texture like old paper . We will write by hand all the information of the invitation and we will roll it as if it were an old parchment, tying it with a thread of twine, for example. It is ideal!

The catering table cannot be without trinkets but also pirate or naval props. A toy wheel, peg leg, pirate pennants, old maps, cardboard chests, or even a stuffed parrot.

Food can also have a pirate look like these original hot dogs that you see in the photo above. You can also place a good slice of orange in a glass like a boat (without water) and prick it with a toothpick and a candle as you see in the dogs.

A pirate photocall, dolls, costumes, treasure games … nothing can be missing!

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