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Ideas for a Peppa Pig party

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As with Pocoyo or Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig has become one of the most famous children’s characters in the world and therefore, a party with this character can become a success. In this article we are going to give you a few ideas so that you can start them up and To prepare a party that children will remember for a long time.

The color pink is very important for the decor and when we go to prepare the sweet table, we must use all the objects that we can in this chromatic range. In the main photo we see that detail and many others that should not be missing as dolls both of Peppa Pig like his brother George, his parents and grandparents, Alexander, Chloé, Lucas the parrot, Susy Oveja, Danny Dog, etc. houses, letters or clouds among others.

The sweets can be as original as we want and on these lines you see an original proposal. On a piece of cake, several waffles and some cookies have been placed as a wheel to make a kind of car on which you can place everything from sweets to fruits such as strawberries, yes, all accompanied by Peppa’s face stuck on a stick and stuck in the car. They sure won’t be able to resist!

It is not necessary to spend too much money to prepare the sweets, with a cloud punctured on a stick, we can cover it in a very simple way. We can melt white chocolate, add pink food coloring and then toppins of what we want, more chocolate, puffed rice, etc.

Finally, we can not forget to prepare some pink or blue bags so that those who attend the party can take a souvenir. Some cookies in the shape of this pig or her friends, a photograph or anything else that comes to mind, but that serves as a nice detail.

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