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Girl or boy? 5 ideas to reveal baby’s gender

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Yep, the stork is gone! There you will be bombarded with questions like, « Do you know what you’re going to have? » Do you want to know? We had four children and each time we talked to decide if we wanted to know the baby’s gender or not. Dad doesn’t like surprises, but mom would like to be surprised at least once. Result: the first two times, we asked the sonographer for sex. After having the « little couple », I thought that the surprise would be good, but that did not happen to the council. So, for the last two babies, we made a compromise by organizing a “gender reveal party” or a party to reveal the sex of the baby. The sonographer then put the answer in an envelope. We were thus able to discover the sex of baby surrounded by our loved ones. I loved the experience. So I share with you some ideas to highlight this event.

5 ideas to reveal baby’s gender

The cake

To my third baby, we went to see the pastry chef with the precious envelope and we ordered him a nice cake. Then, we surrounded ourselves with our friends and cut the cake together to discover a blue icing.

5 ideas to reveal the gender of baby wooloo

In this case, it was the frosting that was colored, but why not color the cake mix? There is also the possibility of making a cake with a surprise shape inside: a flower or a car, for example. Finally, there is the piñata cake (we make a hole in the base of the cake, fill with small pink or blue candies and cover with another cake; we cream and voila.) Funny isn’t it?

La Piñata

For the fourth baby, I wanted something different. So I went to the bulk candy store and chose pink candies and blue candies (caramels, gums and hard candies are the best choices if you don’t want broken or melted candies). I made two bags and gave them to a friend with the envelope and the piñata. I had chosen a neutral model (a treasure chest). We often say that our children are our little treasures so I thought it was very timely. Then, the contest was launched: who would kick that reveal the sex of baby?

5 ideas to reveal the gender of baby wooloo

It was finally my older boy who got there. It’s a boy! We then enjoyed sweets of all kinds. My oldest boy even ended up with the blue tongue. It gave me an idea: photos …


Planning a photo session can be interesting to announce the sex of the baby to our loved ones who cannot be present at the party. I think it would have been very funny if we had all eaten a candy to color our tongue. Then we could have taken photos with our most beautiful faces. What a beautiful memory! In the same line, there are also photos with bubble gum bubbles in the color of baby’s gender.


Speaking of photos, this is how I would like to learn the sex of baby 5, if we ever decided to enlarge the family: with a surprise photobooth. I would prepare male and female accessories and I would ask a trusted photographer or a friend to prepare the photo session according to baby’s gender. Here are some accessory ideas. Boy: hats with blue ribbons, bow ties, ties, small blocks in shades of blue, mustaches… Girl: pink hair bows and repositionable locks, tiaras, boas… Take the store for $ 1, it will be fun!

The balls


Kids usually love balloons, so if it’s not your first baby, why not use balloons to announce your baby’s gender? To do this, there is the way surprise box where a bunch of pink or blue helium-blown balloons are placed in a box. We open the box to reveal the surprise (I know that some florists offer this service).

Then there is the version dazzling : confetti are placed in an opaque balloon. We discover baby’s sex by popping the balloon. A magical moment!

The painting party

The most festive idea of ​​all seems to me to be the painting party. You have to be ready to get dirty, but in summer, in the backyard, with a garden hose next to it, it seems perfect to me.


For the surprise, we use paintballs which we put in the spray guns of mom and dad. At the signal, they will shoot the bullets on a canvas installed vertically. Once the first balls are launched, the baby’s gender will be revealed and there we can have fun. The canvas then becomes a collective work in memory of this beautiful moment. You may have removed brushes and paint beforehand. The whole can also take a turn of paint battle (we already made one with sponges, boilers, diluted gouache and water guns). Again, in the $ 1 stores, you will find your account for a painting party.

EXTRA: The colored powder

Why not use the color powder to create a truly WOW effect! Fill a ball or a ball and let Dad have fun with his hockey stick!

Keep these ideas in your pins:
5 ideas to reveal the gender of baby wooloo

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