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Edible candle

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A birthday party would not be a real party if there were no candles on the cake. Personally, I always bought my candles at Dollo without thinking that I could do otherwise. But lately, I saw this amazing video of edible cake decorations and I absolutely had to test their edible candle idea!

Admit that it is beautiful and that the idea seems easy enough. So I started the project the next day!

Our edible candle tests

Well, imagine that it was far too good to be true! I followed the steps as shown in the video, but nothing worked. NOTHING.

Once melted, I inserted my straws into the Candy melt, but the mixture did not go further than 1 cm. But as I am a resourceful girl, I tried to put the Candy melt myself with a pastry socket. This technique still worked well, but trying to take out the candle was simply IMPOSSIBLE. A big big #fail for my part…

Except that I liked the idea of ​​making edible candles too much, so I went in search of an alternative method for my DIY project.

Find the right mold to make edible candles

I have been poking around searching for silicone molds to recreate our candles. Basically, I was looking for a cylinder-shaped mold. Unfortunately, I only found this one. It was « okay », but not round on all sides.

I continued my research to finally come across molds in the shape of a number. It was perfect!

This model works wonderfully. The size is ideal!


We then did 1001 tests with all of our other silicone molds. Each one had its advantages and offered multiple possibilities to decorate its festive cake.

So, in the end, it will be really up to you. The result will always be interesting, regardless of the choice.

Ingredients for making edible candles

To make these candles, you will need Candy melt and pine nuts. That’s all! Candy melt can be found in shops specializing in pastry, in supermarkets or on Amazon. But to add more fun, it is possible to put small cake decorations or to color your white candles with edible pencils.

The method

Start by melting a few candy melt pellets.

Put the preparation in a pastry socket and fill your molds with silicone.

Wait a few minutes (about 20) for the mixture to harden.

Unmold your candles

Melt the top end with a lighter and place the pine nuts.

Place the candle on your cake and light the pine nuts, like a real candle!

Make your edible candles on video

For the visuals, here is a little demo of my edible candles that I made on our Facebook page. Good viewing!

To keep the idea in your pins

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