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Cupcake bar

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As you can see, there was no traditional cake at my Coco party. I decided to innovate and make a cupcake bar to create a nice activity for the kids. It’s the first time I’ve had a “no theme” party. But you could also say that my theme was « bar à » or « Do it yourself » in less cute. I can confirm that my dessert was as successful as my pizza bar. So much so that children want to do it again on their birthday.

Make your cupcake bar

Before I begin, I must absolutely confess to you. I was so « in the moment » at cake time that I forgot to take great pictures. So, since the idea was a success, I decided to repeat the experience, all by myself, on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. It lacked ambience a bit, but otherwise, I found my cupcake ben ben beautiful.

Wooloo cupcake bar

The preparation

As with my pizza bar, the success of the cupcake bar depends on the initial preparation. First I’m cooking the best vanilla cupcakes in the world with my biggest and I’m sharing the recipe right here. Then I made my icing and put it in a pastry bag. Finally, I prepared all of my cupcake toppings and decorations in small individual bowls.

Wooloo cupcake bar

Inspiration for cupcake topping

Here are some topping ideas to place on the table to decorate cupcakes:

Decorative and edible cupcake molds (or cupcake wrapper)

Here is a very special section to show you a nice find that I made recently. Edible decorative molds are just one of 1,000 examples of what you can do with edible leaves. Besides, my friend Véro’s YouTube channel is full of ideas. The edible leaves are fun, festive and super original. I’m telling you, no one will ever have decorated a 100% edible cupcake like they did at home. A great idea to adopt for your next cupcake bar!

To prepare its decorative molds, all it takes is a pair of scissors and a little patience.

First, we cut the lines drawn on each sheet.

Wooloo cupcake bar

Then, we make a small incision with an exacto (clean!) To insert the tongue and allow the mold to form a circle.

Wooloo cupcake bar

Then, let our creativity go with our super edible pencils!

Wooloo cupcake bar

Would you like to have pretty decorative molds to color for your little wolf’s next party? I took mine in the Sug’Art Biscuits shop, just HERE!

Make your cupcake

Cake time has come? Serve your tray of blank cupcakes with jubilee candles. Once the song is done and the candles are out of steam, let the guests create a 100% personalized cupcake masterpiece.

Wooloo cupcake bar

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Wooloo cupcake bar

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