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Create more Christmas magic with Portable Santa Claus

Create more Christmas magic with Portable Santa Claus

Every year, I sit out on a weekday night and have fun programming Christmas magic with my favorite holiday app: Portable Santa Claus (PNP).

This app is just great! Year after year, we always find new things and more creative options for its Pportable christmas era. With over 200 million videos viewed worldwide, I think it’s really believable and PNP has become a staple of the holiday season.

What is Portable Santa Claus (PNP)

PNP (or Portable Santa Claus) is an online site and a free mobile application that can be downloaded on all our electronic devices.


From this application, it is then possible to create magical memories by sending personalized video and telephone messages from the real real Santa Claus!

Portable Santa Claus Video Messages

You can create and send video messages or calls to children and adults around you. And it’s so simple to do that you only have to sit down on a weekday night, between two loads, and, POUF, a magic video of Santa Claus is created.

You can choose to create a video for:

  • monitor your child’s behavior,
  • wish happy birthday,
  • see how their gift order is going,
  • visit the North Pole post office,
  • see where the elves live,
  • discover our great book of life kept by Santa Claus Portable
  • to wait for Christmas Eve
  • and so much more!

How to create a video

To create a video of Portable Santa Claus, you choose the type of video, enter the name, age, gender and that’s it. It is also possible to add photos to further personalize the message. Once we click on Create the video, we have a big two minute wait and BAM! The video is ready to be viewed! My children’s eyes are worth all the gold in the world when they receive their video and Santa speaks directly to them.

The calls of Santa Claus Portable

The flame of Santa Claus is extinguished because of the hearing of the little friends of the school? No problem! I program them a call on the flyer of my cell and Tcha-tching! Magic and excitement return illico presto!

Here again, you can schedule calls for several reasons:

  • congratulate her child on the good academic results (we just got our report cards. My daughter was over the moon that Santa Claus is already aware of her results !!);
  • encourage him for his good efforts;
  • to tell him that Portable Santa Claus has read his letter;
  • to ask him to go outside to play a little more often;
  • or to tell him to listen to his mom a little more: O

In short, it’s really the kind of thing that encourages the child to adopt good behaviors. Because Santa knows that our child is asked to go to bed at the requested time or to stop using the pacifier, to share his toys or to be respectful. It’s the one who creates the video who can select a behavior to improve (and we have a choice!).

Other really fun options

This app is not just for sending messages to children. It also contains:

  • an advent calendar
  • Santa Claus voice mail to know the weather of the North Pole (among others),
  • a memory game
  • funny selfies
  • and +++

How much does it cost?

As I mentioned above, the Portable Santa Claus app is free. However, the options in this version are rather limited. But with the purchase of a package (between $ 9.99 and $ 13.99), you have access to everything, everything for the next 12 months of the year.

our favorites

What I like most are the magic stories that last about 5 minutes – the perfect timing for the story before bedtime! You can discover the goblin workshop, the reindeer stable and much more.

message from Santa Wooloo

The social side of PNP

But that’s not all! Because in addition to creating sweetness in our lives, PNP also gives back 5% of all online sales revenue to more than 50 pediatric hospitals around the world, including the CHU Sainte-Justine in Montreal. More than $ 500,000 has now been donated on behalf of PNP subscribers since 2012!

And casually, PNP is available in 180 countries and in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Come on, I’ll leave you. My children have just returned and I am waiting for them with a video of the secret place of Santa Claus. Even I hood! And I have created another one that will explain to us how Santa Claus makes the Big Children’s Book. And guess what ? He knows we have two of his naughty elves here. We even see a photo of them in the video! 😉


Here is your chance the Christmas magic creation kit including 1 PNP magic pass + 1 book 24 dodos before Christmas.

To register:

I wish you a sweet and magical December friends!


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