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A Spa for my party

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Header photo credit: Anne Marie Blanchard photographer

The party of your adorable princess (or your adorable prince – we don’t judge here!) Is approaching and you are looking for an original idea that will please everyone? We have the idea that you need! And in addition, we talk to you about experience, because we tested for you a Spa for my party!

But what is this idea?

It’s just great! You just have to choose the package you like and voila! A nice host will come to your home and take care of everything for you! You will only have to watch your princess (or your prince – still no judgment!) Being pampered with her comrades!

Photo credit: Photodesign BCGD

For each package, the young people make an item (soap, bath salt or bath bombs) that they can take home. No need to look for surprises for friends at the store! Everything has been thought of to make your life easy. In addition, all the equipment is provided for the full duration of the entertainment and all the products used are completely natural and suitable for children.

a-spa-for-my-wooloo party
Photo credit: Photodesign BCGD

PACKAGES A spa for my birthday

CHILDREN PACKAGE 6-12 YEARS – for 5 to 8 children

This package is the most popular at Un spa pour ma fête and very similar to the one tested for our toddlers!

During this 90-minute animation, children are treated to little onions! They have the chance to have a chocolate face mask (with cucumber for the eyes), to soak and exfoliate the feet and to put varnish on the feet or hands. They then make their soaps, bath salts or bath bombs as a souvenir gift!

Photo credit: Photodesign BCGD

MINIS PACKAGE for 4-6 years – for 4 to 6 children

This is the package we tested
for you (yes, we have a sense of sacrifice at Wooloo!). Seriously, from the top
when I was 38, I was touched many times to see my daughter and her friends
have as much fun. It was magical!

First of all, the host arrived smiling for the occasion. She spread the beach towels on the floor and put bunny dressing gowns (loaned for entertainment) to the girls.

Photo credit: Photodesign BCGD

We then started the first part of the activity: soap making. The girls chose colors, scents, decorations and molds of fun shapes. They mixed the ingredients to make the soap liquid and the facilitator filled the molds.

Photo credit: Photodesign BCGD

Once everything was in the fridge, we were ready for the second part of the activity: facials. The girls were too cute with their cucumbers on their eyes! And they laughed so much during the activity! We tried our best to give them a moment of relaxation, but they had too much fun to relax!

Photo credit: Photodesign BCGD

We then washed the little girls’ faces to move on to the third part of the activity: nail polish. Each girl chose one or two colors from a wide range in addition to being able to choose a small tattoo. So while the hostess was putting on the polish, the girls got tattoos. It was the perfect organization!

Photo credit: Photodesign BCGD

The fourth part of the activity: the making of a princess crown. Girls had to choose from a variety of decorations to make a beautiful personalized princess crown to take home.

a-spa-for-my-wooloo party

And finally, the fifth and last part of the activity: the release of soap. It was my favorite part. Why? Because the girls just couldn’t get over making these wonderful soaps. With each release, it was wonder! The girls were so proud of their achievement, and in addition, they could bring their works home. A perfect memory after a perfect party.

Be aware that it is even possible to bring the Snow Queen or Belle as an animator for this package!

If you want to please your child, I recommend this activity without any hesitation! The children will be more than satisfied, and you will have absolutely nothing to do.

a-spa-for-my-wooloo party
Photo credit: Photodesign BCGD

MANUFACTURING PACKAGE 7 years and over – for 5 to 8 children

The brand new corporate package! Again, children are invited to put on a bathrobe loaned for the first part of the activity: the treatments (Chocolate mask on the face with cucumbers on the eyes and small hand massage). The second part of the activity focuses on the production of two optional items: soaps, bath salts and bath bombs. A superb session that young people will remember for a long time!

TEEN PACKAGE – for 5-8 young people

Since there is no age to do it
to spoil, the company has also thought of teens, these eternal misunderstood! Let’s go
so with panda dressing gowns (loaned), an exfoliant and a face mask, a cool face cream, an exfoliant
as well as a hand and foot massage and an application of nail polish
hands or feet. The total, what!

EVENING GIRLS – For adults

Because we too deserve it! You
you imagine, sitting with friends, warm in a dressing gown
unicorn for adults (yes yes), face covered in whipped chocolate?
Exfoliant, varnish, soaking feet, everything is there to make a perfect evening
between girls! Be the first to organize it at home or offer it to a
friend! A gift that will be all the rage!

For all the details or to organize a spa party at home visit UnSpaPourMaFete.com/

* Special thanks to Photodesign BCBG for the wonderful photos


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Decoration for a Spa Party

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