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A children’s party under the sea

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My twins were four years old in mid-September and I organized a children’s party for them under the sea ?? ??

How to organize a children’s party under the sea

September is really an ideal month for a birthday; everyone is back to their routine, no one is on vacation, the weather is nice and warm and, above all, it is still far from the holiday season! So I had the idea of ​​organizing a sea party for my daughters, since they love going to the beach and they are real little fish in the water. Here is the result of my children’s party under the sea to inspire you in your organization.

Celebrate outside!

Mother Nature gave us a very nice gift this year, because it was a heat wave this weekend! I had reserved the covered playground in a park in my municipality, which is located right next to water games, ideal for the theme under the sea! Partying outside and in a park allows children to spend energy and prevents breakage or stains on the walls!

wooloo kids party under the sea

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Make fruits and vegetables fun!

I made the invitations myself, which I gave to the daycare. We decided to invite friends and their relatives from 11 am, so as not to disturb the afternoon nap too much.

My first concern was food. I do not know the children of the daycare personally. What are their tastes? Parents’ tolerance for sugar? All I knew was that there were no restrictions on food allergies. So I went with classics: vegetable platter and dips, fruit platter, apple juice, grape juice, water, cheese and popcorn. Since my daughters don’t eat a lot of vegetables, I camouflaged a little zucchini in a zucchini and chocolate chip bread. There was also a banana and nut bread, a hit with us. To make it user-friendly, I put everything on a table and let the children and parents serve themselves as they please.

wooloo kids party under the sea

In the water, we make beautiful bubbles!

As it was my daughters’ first friend party, I didn’t want to overload the day with activities. I brought a bubble machine and replaced the soap tubes so that the little ones could have fun. Not only was it an activity that went well with the theme, but the kids loved making bubbles. As I am not very good at leading a group, I opted for free play and it worked very well. The only directed game I have prepared is the Pinata, as it was a special request from my daughters.

wooloo kids party under the sea

In terms of decoration, as we were outside, I had to bring a lot of things, so I opted for minimalism. So I had to make things on the spot, the only downside to celebrating outside. Here are some tips: I used a paint tarpaulin bought at Dollarama as a screen behind the snack table, curtains and presentation dishes that I already had at home, inflated a few balloons, made cardboard rosettes and made Pinata Nemo. I used children’s shovels to play in the sand as a serving spoon. My goal: to make the party as ecological as possible, so reusable, recyclable or compostable stuff.

All good things have an end…

There couldn’t be a party without a sweet treat! I had blue cupcakes like the sea and others made with unicorn colors. We sang Happy Birthday, unwrapped the gifts, made some carved balloons and enjoyed this beautiful late summer afternoon! I hope my simple ideas have inspired you!

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