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A children’s party on the circus theme to make you dream

1584426017 A childrens party on the circus theme to make you

Have you seen the new Disney movie? Yes, I’m talking about Dumbo! I don’t know why, but as soon as my youngest saw the trailer a few months ago, he started to have a fascination with this big eared elephant. It didn’t take more for me to get ready for her party … I offered her to do a circus themed party. But first, let’s get in the mood!

I didn’t want to have acrobats or circus tricks but rather a slightly vintage atmosphere like in the new Dumbo film. Oust the bright colors to avoid the baby / too childish side since we celebrated his 6 years.

The challenge I have for my boy is to have a party without gluten, dairy or soy. Casually, it’s a lot less food restrictions than in previous years. Take the example of the two-year party on the theme of the Minions that I described in this article or the party on the theme of Star Wars. In these articles I have given you my tips for making desserts for birthdays without the child with allergies or intolerances feeling apart.

The plush, made by Glass Slipper, was a BIG favorite for my boy. He even wants to bring it with him to go see the new Dumbo film!

Five key elements for a successful circus theme

Instinctively, what makes you think of the circus and Dumbo? And here I am not talking about Cirque du Soleil but more about the circuses of the past.

  • Peanuts in shell
  • Popcorn
  • Straw
  • Animals (an elephant in the case of a theme inspired by Dumbo)
  • Big red curtains

Put atmosphere around the theme

I am not the type to constantly buy items to decorate my children’s parties. I always go around the house before and I dare to ask my loved ones (Facebook is very useful!). For example, for straw on the ground, when I made my request, a friend immediately replied that she had it because she had to remove the straw which insulates her basement (yes she has an old house ). Obviously you have to do it in advance when doing research. Or a photographer friend lent me a vintage-looking stepladder.

The details for a children's party on the circus / Dumbo theme.

This lantern was also used last year during the pirate theme! I also reused the same barrel, but this time I filled it with peanuts rather than fruit.

Barrel filled with peanuts to recall the circus / Dumbo theme.

For the decor, I used a large black sheet that I pinned to the wall and we added a red curtain that we hung up. The table on which the cake is placed comes from another room in my house. The popcorn machine was borrowed from a friend. Besides, if you want corn with an extraordinary taste, try bePop, a local company that offers ready-to-use kits.

Popcorn, a must for a children's party on the circus theme.

I accumulated the preserves for a few weeks to make a decoration at low cost. I only had to cover them with pretty patterns found on Etsy.

Cheap decoration for a children's party on the circus and Dumbo theme.

To add a little touch, I ordered vintage style popcorn and peanut bags from Amazon (affiliate link).

Popcorn and peanut bags with a vintage look for a circus or Dumbo theme.

What to eat for a circus party?

Obviously there is cake first! I called on my friend Sandra from Le Sucre au Four. The top two floors were gluten and dairy free. For the frosting, Sandra used a vegan recipe based on sweetened condensed coconut milk. For the other two floors, it was a classic vanilla cake with a Swiss strawberry meringue buttercream.

4-story cake by Le Sucre au Four on the circus / Dumbo theme.

She doesn’t sell cakes but she shows you how to make them at her online school. His new course for April is the cake on the theme of the circus. You can watch the trailer below. It also offers you a 15% discount for a new registration! Here is the code to use: wooloo15 .

Desserts for a sweet circus table

To complete the theme, but also so that my boy could eat everything there was, here is what I did:

Decorated cookies, gluten-free and dairy-free, for a children's party on the circus theme.
Gluten-free donuts, baked. Perfect for a children's party on the circus / Dumbo theme.
  • Caramel apples (you have to work with very cold apples and put them back in the cold as soon as you coat them)
Caramel apples for a circus / Dumbo themed children's party.

I also called Esther at La Dent Sucrée because I have no talent for making beautiful macaroons! She had concocted three flavors for us: ganache (without dairy products), clementines (my favorite!) And raspberries.

Macaroons by La Dent Sucrée for a children's party on the circus theme, Dumbo.

Have a circus party, too!

Obviously, you don’t have to go as intensely as I do. I like to inspire you in my themes to help you create sweet memories for your loved ones. If you need more inspiration for this topic, I invite you to visit my table on Pinterest!

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