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3 cocktails perfect for brunch

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* This article is a presentation of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Wines. Note that I received financial compensation for the creation of the recipes and that these writings are mine. Always drink responsibly.

I do not know if it is the light or because my energy level is optimal, but I really prefer to receive for brunch. It must also be said that I love lunch and that it inspires me to be able to offer savory and sweet dishes at the same time. Except that today, I’m not talking about food. Nope. In fact, I’m presenting you 3 really wow cocktails to serve at your next family reception. * Mother’s Day is approaching dads, so take notes!

3 brunch cocktails

At brunch, I’m used to serving rather classic cocktails. Mimosa is one of my favorite drinks. But to change my old habits, I have developed other ideas for festive and really delicious cocktails that you will love to share with your family.

Strawberry / basil float

wooloo brunch cocktails

The strawberry / basil float is drunk, but can also be eaten with a teaspoon. I suggest you let it sit for a few minutes before serving so that the sorbet has time to melt and mix with the wine. You’ll see, it’s divine!

To make this cocktail, you will need a White Zin rosé Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Wines, de tonic, strawberries, strawberry / basil sorbet (version House or store) and a few basil leaves.

In each glass, put 1 scoop of strawberry / basil sorbet, add 100 ml of wine and 50 ml of tonic. Finish by decorating with fresh strawberries and basil leaves, then serve.

Raspberry lemonade

wooloo brunch cocktails

My second suggestion is actually a homemade raspberry lemonade with a hint of white wine. To prepare this cocktail, mix 40 ml of lemon juice, 80 ml of wine, 30 ml of raspberry syrup, crushed ice, frozen raspberries and a few slices of organic lemon. If you find this cocktail too sweet, add less raspberry syrup and vice versa.

This lemonade is perfect for brunch but also great for cooling down guests on a hot summer day. A recipe to keep!

Sunny smoothie

wooloo brunch cocktails

To finish, I present to you my slightly polished smoothie.

We pass 1 cup of a mixture of peaches / pineapple / mango frozen in the robot with 180 ml of Pinot gris Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Wines. Then pour into our glasses and decorate with peaches and pineapple slices. Simple and divinely good!

Woodbridges wines by Robert Mondavi

I’m a big fan of white wine and I discovered with my culinary tests that there really is a Woodbridge white wine for everyone – Pinot Grigio with a lively and refreshing taste, Fruity and lively Sauvignon blanc or the White Zinfandel rather light and versatile. Try them all to find the one you like!

You will find Woodbridge Wines wines by Robert Mondavi in ​​the California section of your favorite SAQ.

Need inspiration? Visit Woodbridgewines.com for more recipe ideas, tips and access to the wine pairing app to find the perfect match for your dish.

wooloo brunch cocktails

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wooloo brunch cocktails

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