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20 Privilege Coupons for Dad

20 Privilege Coupons for Dad

Are you last minute for your Father’s Day gifts? That’s good because me too! So, let’s settle this right away with these too practical privilege coupons for Dad that I just created.

Privilege coupons for Papa

Buy to buy? No thanks! My house is already overflowing with children’s toys, so I will not start spending on fun because it’s Dad (or Mommy, or Easter, or April Fool’s Day!) Nononononooo! We’re going to make it simple and indulge in everyday happiness. Besides, it’s great to show the example to the children they say …

When you become an adult, the concept of “gift” is really different. Yes, it’s always fun to be the star of the day and to have lots of gifts, but now that we have a salary to pay for everything we need, when we need it, we have as fewer needs when “D” day arrives. You follow me? But there is something else too. When you are older, and above all a parent, do you feel spoiled by being able to sleep an hour more on Saturday morning, choosing something other than Moana, or trying to appreciate the value of small things? Well, it’s easier when you’re parents.

This is why I love giving privilege coupons to whom better. Is this your party? Kin coupons! Yours also? Well kin, kin pis kin. In the Christmas stocking, in the Easter cocos, on Mother’s Day and now for you dear Super Dad! There are coupons for everyone and at will here!

So to help you settle the question of Father’s Day this year, here are 20 ideas for special coupons to print * to give to dad! I also left an empty coupon so you can create your own personalized reward.

privilege coupons for papa wooloo

A car wash, a foot massage or a quiet nap on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, that is a pleasure to receive!

privilege coupons for papa wooloo

Unless your man prefers a supper at a restaurant of his choice or a leave from work? No problem! I have coupons for everyone!

* To print your coupons, right click on the image to save it in your images and print as a regular document.

To keep the idea in your pins:

privilege coupons for papa wooloo

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